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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Why are you bringin up old stuff man!

I've really been wanting to start a new project, but i can't bring myself to do it when i have 5 bags laying in wait to be lined and finished.

a few of them were buried deep in the closet, and for some reason, i thought that pulling them out and putting them in view would get them finished up in time for spring, but so far, all they've been doing is nagging the hell out of me. and saying stuff like 'umm, PSSST' and 'hey, don'tcha think you should maybe finish us before you pick that other ball of yarn up?' - i swear they do! lol

The bottom 2 are cotton- i started them some time last year- i think the issue i was having was figuring out what kind of handles i wanted to put on them. i think i'm going to go with light wooden ones for the light multi colored one, but i'm still unsure about the orange.

The one on top is made of acrylic and i sat down and figured what i'd do for straps last night- i think it's going to be finished first, and perhaps just in time for the southern hemisphere's fall.

Then i went on another cotton kick and started this one

and ran out of yarn. it's the size i want it to be, i've just got to work on the strap. i'm going to see if i can find some yarn in this color, or one that matches it enough to work- but i don't know when that will be, so it's officially put off until.
That might be sooner than later because i just got a sale's paper from Micahels that has a special on cotton yarn- 4 balls forr 5 bucks! i'm thinking i'll just get 8 and wait for that sale to come back around another day.

strolls to the library have me wanting to make more book/grocery bags so i just might do it!
speaking of strolls- i took one yesterday and it made me feel so great!
I think i'm going to be needing more doses of vitamin D and fresh air to help even out the moods.

It seems that spring is bringing inspiration to finish things left undone- i know i can't be the only one it's gotten-
What projects will you be attempting to finish up?

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