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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Check Yourself, Girl!

I tried to list my new pair of earrings a couple times yesterday, but the pics wouldn't load no matter what I did. I went straight to the forums and checked in bugs- nothing there, so i closed everything i had open and started firefox up, thinking that this opera browser thing that i had fallen in love with was finally failing me.
that didn't work either.
so, i just gave it a rest and thought that what ever the issue was, it would resolve itself eventually.

It wasn't until a few minutes ago that i remembered that i had set my camera back to 8 mega pixels to take a picture of the kid with BOTH his bottom teeth missing. 

Please excuse the ketchup the thing came out while he was eating fries, and the kid just prefers to look a mess some times.

I think my point was, that's it is so easy to jump to a conclusion or place fault in some one else.

I had to give up, go through a whole day, go to sleep, wake up and check forums AGAIN after a few more failed attempts before thinking that 'I' could be the issue- which i was.

i shall do a bit more checking of the self first in the future.


  1. You are not alone. I looked in Bugs and did not see anything so I thought it was just me. I did get my pictures loaded it just took FOREVER. Your son is a DOLL just as cute as can be. :)

  2. he is too cute... and your post is TOO true! i do the same thing all the time! i never assume that I am the problem right off the bat... yet usually it's my own
    "operator error" that's causing me such grief!

    glad to know i'm not alone! LOL



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