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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tag, i'm it!

I met a very pleasant lay on Etsy who makes very cute jewelry. I love earth toned accessories and her shop is full of them. Check out BINAGEYER'S shop.

The game is....get tagged and post 5 random facts about yourself and tag 5 others. Make sure you include why you tagged them. You also have to make sure to post a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Here are five random facts about myself.

  1. i had a hernia when i was in elementary school. my mom noticed it one day when i was coughing. it didn't hurt, but i had it removed.
  2. i used to play the trombone. i loved the way it sounded, just not when i blew it. lol!! i don't think i have very much capacity in my lil lungs because i swear, the thing was playing me harder than i was it.
  3. i love buttons! when i was in the 1st grade, i had a teacher who allowed us 30 minutes to sort random things she had. i don't remember her having buttons, but for some reason, they make me think of her. i remember having to play with a bucket of marbles, small wooden cubes, dominoes, and other things like that.
  4. although i've been crocheting for many years, i don't know how to crochet a perfectly flat oval. when i do learn, i'm going to make a set of place mats.
  5. i sleep while the sun's up. i don't know how i got to be a night owl, but there is something about the quiet of night and a cup of great tea that i think is so romantic. then again, tea, yarn and stars are romantic to me.

now, who do i tag?

  • Kristie of Kristie's Kreations. her photos are really sharp, and i admire that. she's got jewelery that is both fun and tasteful.
  • Sonya of Finger Knits. From her blog, you can tell that she loves

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I never did show the finished product, huh?

Looks like i forgot to post the finished afghan pic here.

I'm happy with the way it came out. my mom loves it, too!

Monday, June 04, 2007

i said SIT PRETTY!

i'm sitting here listening to my new chris botti cd, trying to figure out where to go next with the sitting pretty dress i was making for a friend's daughter. i was so excited about doing this dress. it's supposed to be intermediate, but i think i got through it ok. perhaps it was the long wait along with the disappointment of being out bid on the thread i needed to make it, but i was way stoked to get started on this dress. i started on it right after the thread that i had broken down and ordered from joann's got here. i did gauge swatches, plural. and when i finally figured the guage out, i got my hook to working. i was on an absolute roll. doing little by little i finally got to the point where it looked like i'd be done in time for the deadline i had set. which is tomorrow. the pattern suggests that an h hook is used and after trails, i figured that that was the one that was best. i so wish i had gone down one. all that's left of the dress to do is the trim. i was having faith in it, but after i sewed the back seam together, i realized that it would be way too big. i don't know where i went wrong. according to the measurements, it's perfect. i didn't miss or add any stitches or anything.
the dress was supposed to be for an 18 month old, but i got it to fit on my 3 year old. he's (yeah, he, i was in denial. i knew it was too big, but i so needed a model. i'm hoping that he won't remember, so don't remind him of it later.) he's a skinny thing, but it fit him nicely. he's getting tall so it was a bit short. i'd say it's about a 24 month size. which absolutely pos-o-tively SUCKS!
the straps were too long, i think. the neck line is way too low. on him anyway. i'm only imagining what it'd look like on an 18 month old.
so, i took many breathers after this great heartbreak of sitting pretty. i'm thinking that adjusting the strap length will do the trick, but i'm worried about it being too wide. the pattern says 20 inches finished around the chest. to be honest with you, my head and crochet heart is spinning so badly that i couldn't tell you where the neck was. there is a part in the pattern that is called a yoke - i'll have to look that one up too.
in between the dress, i've been doing squares for Moe. just simple ones, as breaks from the harsh on the finger cotton thread. i was hoping to have them in the mail on monday, but i don't think that will happen as i don't feel like bothering with anything yarn right now.
so, i attempted a garment. after years and years of scarves and safe and simple things like that.
i do feel heart broken about it.
shop therapy!
in my mind, it's not a totally lost cause. while at wal mart, i was drawn to the button section, i picked up some that i thought would go well with the dress. i picked up some other random buttons, too. i really wanted a bag of buttons. (the random bag for $1.50) but they didn't carry them. i so love random buttons. it's like treasure, some aren't smooth, some are totally perfect, others are so special that i'd never use them, just because i love them so much.
ah well. there will be other button days.