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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Have You Searched Your Items?

I'm up at 11am.
THAT is such a faux pas in my little world. i think i'm developing the kind of insomnia that doesn't allow me to sleep during the day. or perhaps it's because of some kid electing to whisper, 'can i play my wii?' in my ear while i was sleeping.

that kid goes from one extreme to another with this waking me up stuff, i swear! one week, he was pouncing on me, the next, hitting my leg, the other just standing over me watching me sleep until i felt it. now with the whispering.

the bad part is, that he doesn't need to ask to play with his own crap or get on the computer, or watch tv, or do what ever may give me just a few more minutes of sleep in the morning!

but he still does.

so, while i'm up with out real reason, i decided to go on artfire and search my own items to see where they came up (old etsy habit, sorry)
but, to my dismay, some of them didn't show up at all when i searched things with at least 2 words in their title.
it seems that artfire's way of searching is more geared toward tags and exact tags at that. my spring green hair clip didn't come up when i searched for "green hair clips" until i put "hair clips" in the tags
and my multicolored coin purse didn't show up in my search for "coin purse" until i put the actual words coin purse into my tags- even though they're in the item name.

This seems a bit obvious, but i'm sure that a lot more people out there are overlooking the importance of tags on an item. I've pretty much left out the obvious keywords that are already found some where on my listing's pages because i thought they would be automatically included in the search. nope.

have you searched your items lately to see if they come up where an every day shopper might serch? you should.

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