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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie

I just Thought This was way cute!

(of course I do- I made It =-)

The inspiration came from the Zombie Nanner Gang Blog. It's so easy to step outside the comfort zone there.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Facial Scrubbies Refreshed

This set of 5 facial scrubbies was crocheted using a blue, white, and green 100% cotton yarn called Sea Mist.

They're totally soft on your skin while helping with exfoliation.

The facial scrubbies are 2 inches wide and are the perfect size for use with your facial cleanser, toner, eye make up remover, and more.

Randomly Discounted Item

I've chosen a new random item to be discounted for today Which is my Pink Camo Beanie with Bill.

Keep your eyes peeled for what may be discounted next- it may just be that thing you've always admired ☺

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is this not the cutest thing you've seen in a while?

Today, the HAF Etsy Street Team is spreading the love to ShabbyRoseBoutique on Etsy.

My eye could not help being caught by the cuteness that fills her shop! From casual every day dresses to glamorous costumes perfect for photo shoots, holidays, parties... she's got it all!

Zombie Nanners, Trip to Cali and all the rest

I've not been blogging too much lately because I've been busy with life-like things.

Recently, I had decided to make a move to southern California to go to school and start life fresh. BUUUUUT, it didn't work out the way I'd wanted it to, so, stuck in Vegas is what I am. (At least for now- I'm working on a new, better plan)

I'll be blogging about that mess on my Nisha Does blog- which is horribly neglected.

Helping my jog my creative mind is a blog called The Zombie Nanner Gang which was born in the wee hours. So far, there are 3 of us who contribute to the blog by coming up with two word challenges such as 'Drunk Monkey', 'Fuzzy Puppet', 'Tiny Robot', and so on. We create things to fit the challenge and post about them on the blog.
You don't have to be a member to participate- simply leave a comment telling us what you've done.
No pressure
All for fun, and perhaps you'll come out of it with a new idea for an item to put in your shop or give as a gift!

I'm currently working on my 'penny candy' entry and this time, what I make will be put up for sale in my Artfire Studio =-)

As well as this!
My son will be starting school this year! So, this week has been busy with getting things ready for that. last minute registration (and all that that involves), running around town searching for the perfect backpack, clothes that fit, and trying to get him to realize that school is not just where you go to play basketball or do gymnastics.
I'm sure there will be first day pics as well as pictures of all the lovely stuff he'll make in school. You can look for those on my personal blog as well.

Jewelry by Janelle ~ Saturday Feature

While Janelle of Jewelry by Janelle offers an array of classic looking earth toned jewelry, I'd have to say that her brilliant blues are my favorite.
And even more unique to her shop is this "Cut Through the Blues Steampunk Necklace". I Love how a 6mm blue faceted Czech glass bead dangles perfectly from a medieval falchion like time piece.

It would be the perfect gift to symbolize perseverance. Perhaps for some one who is at a point in life where just cutting through the blues is the only way to go.

Also in Janelle's shop are vintage items, earrings , necklaces, and bracelets using exotic woods, gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, all types of glass beads, and Swarovski crystals.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's Keep it Fresh and Get it Movin!

Very recently, I came up with the idea to offer random items in my shop at a discounted price..
I want to do this to keep things fresh. I have 114 Items in my Artfire studio and about 9 in my Etsy shop, so I think that I've got the stocking up on stuff thing covered.

I'm not wanting to produce anymore items until things start selling because I'm running out of room!

I will be using my facebook fanpage (for which I'm currently at 81 fans!) you can help me get a shorter, easier url by becoming a fan here :
and if you've got a fanpage, be sure to leave a link so that I can fan you back).

The currently selected Discounted item will be shown under my profile picture to the left here >
as well as twittered about and shouted out where ever else I can think of.

With my son starting school next week, the job search, and school for mama search being ON, life's about to get a but busier for me- hopefully this feature will contribute to the smooth sailin' i'm praying for.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Small Rant About Kufi Hats and Flowers

I generally like to keep things positive here. This is not one of those posts.

I dont know what is up with all these damned kufi hats with flowers attatched listed on etsy for about 15 bucks as if $15 worth of time and effort were put into making them.

At first, when I saw these things start to pop up, I was like, oh I have one of those and it never dawned on me that I had one of those because I had purchased it from my local beauty supply store for like $1.99 a long time ago.

I wore the thing, my son wore the thing, my mom wore the thing!
but I never thought to snap a flower on that bad boy and call it handmade.

Yes, I know that it's very often that popular or cute items are replicated by the handmade community, but I strongly doubt that these thread caps (and other things called crochet), which would take more than $15 worth of time to make + flower are an example of this.

That being said, there probably are people out there who actually crochet these things themselves and have to compete with the manufactured ones. (I'm sorry for that)

If you've got a little girl who you'd think would look so darned cute with a huge flower on the side of her head, you may want to save yourself some money and search ebay instead.

Saturday Spotlight- DragonClaw

Combine Awesome Workmanship, Precious Stones, and Consistent Quality and you've got DragonClaw Studio!

Matt of DragonClaw is a self-taught jewelry artist who hand sculpts stone and crystal (such as jasper, jade, fluorite, charoite, obsidian, and more) into free-form organic shapes. He also wire-wraps and knits wire into chain to create gorgeous sculpted pendants.
Not only are they stunning, but some believe that the beauty of these precious stones goes beyond what the eye can see; some are regarded as possessing healing powers, influence on ones fortune, and positive energies.
It takes a good eye and skillful hands to be able to create , and I do believe that Matt possesses both.

You can also find more of DragonClaw's work featured here:

Follow him on Twitter:

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A few improvements in the Works for this blog

Lately, I've been realizing that project wonderful just is not for me. I rarely run ads using it, and when I do, I don't think I wind up with any click throughs. When I host, it's for a penny or less, so I'm thinking that we'll just do away with the whole concept of hosting 'ads'.

Instead, I'm going to be hosting free 'mini feature spots' which will include a hand crafter that who is being featured in one of the teams or groups I'm a member of, a random hand made thing I dig, or just a shout out for some one who has always been pleasant to me.

The spots will be in the middle here > >
where the PW spots are.
(hopefully I'll be able to get some etsy minis or shop windows to put there or something cool like that)

I guess this wave of change has come from realizing that it is a movement after all. I love handmade and whether or not I'm the one doing the succeeding, I'm all for others being successful too!

Another feature that will be added is well- a regular feature.
I know I've attempted this before, but I'm almost sure that it'll work this time.
I've since joined a couple of networking groups, so I have more real access to people and their shops, and rather than just picking at random, waiting for permission to use their content, I've already got the go ahead from enough people (I've actually got a line up! lol)
SO, be on the look out for that.
Features will be posted every 2 weeks to start, starting this Saturday.
(I'm still workin on a name for it, of course it has to be catchy =-P