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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Feature

I'd like to start featuring my favorite handmade items more regularly here on my blog, so I'm going to give this Friday Feature thing a try. There are definitely more than one a week worth of awesome handmade things, but, doing a regular feature will make it so I'm not feeling like I have to squeeze blog posts in while also making sure that i share my appreciation for others' handmade goodness at least once a week.


Mostly copper, some sterling silver, and a piece or 2 of brass; almost perfect, but not so in just the right way, disks, squares, and spirals come together with semi-precious stones to give Ggestalt's Shop a refined rustic feel.

This ring caught my eye, perhaps because unlike most of the other jewelry in Ggestalt's Shop, the curves and lines seem to exact on this one. It was made using sterling silver and moonstone.
Or maybe I love it because it looks like something to suck on, lol, like ice, or mike and ikes.

Mike and Ikes!! that's IT!
I loved sucking on those things to get the flavor off and then spitting them out, lol jelly beans too =-)

Anyway- back to the feature...
Please check out Ggestalt's Shop over on etsy for more great stuff.

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