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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crochet bug bit me!

Life is so good right now!
I have a job I totally dig, someone to enjoy time with, a wild and crazy kid, food, yarn, and love.

Chilly months are around the corner, and just thinking about it has me back to crocheting again. I've got lots of bright yarns and funky colors, so I think that this years hats and scarves will very much be in techni-color =)

My latest finished object- a bright yellow slouchy hat:

It's way brighter than in the picture (which was taken with a phone), so I added a thin stripe of gray to make it a bit less blingy, if that term could apply lol.
Not sure yet if it will go in the studio.  I just don't know yet how some people are able to have a full time job, loved ones, AND maintain an online shop too!