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Thursday, March 05, 2009

That Book Sucked!

ok ok ok-
so, i may not have given it too much of a try by refusing to read "Blonde Roots" at least to the third chapter. but when a book talks about white slaves from "europa" in 'aphrika' with no back ground on how the upper hand was gotten by these "bone in the nose, plates in the lips" people, in today's world, the story is just absurd.
i can't even tell what time the book is set in. the first chapter talks about indentured cabbage farming, shackles, and slop jars, while there are mentions of DNA, chronic liver disease, and emphysema a little later on!

i may be a bit sheltered and blind to the goings on that happen out side of my little 2 mile radius, but, man, come on!
i'm annoyed that i wasted my precious alone time minutes on this one.

i guess a book as the right to be what it'll be, it is fiction after all.

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  1. I apparently am out of the literary loop as I have never herd of this book. Even if it is fiction it is nice when I book gives you a reason to believe it.
    I learned a long time ago that I will not give a bad book that much time because it just makes me bitter. :) I am always surprised by bad books, I cant believe someone published a bad book, that is probably why I used to spend more time on them then I should. I kept thinking they would get better. lol
    My recommendation: Throw that book in the trash. I always donate my books to the library but if that one was bad save others from having to learn that for themselves and dispose of it quick. :)


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