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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Sitting Isn't Sitting Well With Me

When I started School a couple of months ago, I didn't really have the time to keep up shop because I was getting used to getting myself ready for school while getting my kid ready and being exhausted when I got home and all that comes with actually having something to do!
But, while I'm not able to really focus on my Artfire Studio, I don't want it to sit idly by while I still hang on to my very low subscription price.
I am going to audit my studio and take out the least viewed and less weather or season appropriate items.
Right now, Lanee's Crochet has 136 items for you to choose from.  When I'm done, I will be sticking to 30 or less, just to make it more manageable and less overwhelming for you and me.

It's been a while, so I am very much looking forward to getting back into the swing!