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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i attempted a bear

so, my friend joe's b-day was weeks ago and i wanted to send him a special gift. i'm broke so of course it would be something crocheted. i tell ya though, there aren't a lot of crochet patterns out there for men. i wouldn't know where to begin as far as male appreciation for yarn things. i made my james a blanket 3 years ago and he liked it. he's a sentimental guy anyway. i've also been struggling for an idea of something useful to make him that he'd like. my first choice would be a meal but that's impossible right now.
so, back to my friend joe. i've known him for a little over 5 years now. we're pen pals, have never met but he's nice to talk to. i can talk bathroom humor with him and he doesn't mind. a lot of people like to act like they don't go poo or it's just an absurd topic of conversation. no matter how different our lives are, we both take shits.
i thought i'd make him a bear. the only other stuffed animal that i've made was a dog and i don't think it turned out right. i've never made a bear or really looked at a bear pattern. here is what i came up with:
i got as far as the legs. i decided to make the head first. i wanted it to be a big headed bear but it didn't work out that way. i should have made the body first. (notice the orange in the back ground. i'm hoping to have a halloween set done soon. the scarf is on it's way)
i think it was the color that made me lose interest. red is joes favorite color. it's my least favorite. so i found myself unable to stay put while working with it. i'm still going to use the red but i will do something a bit smaller and quicker.
to make a long story short- because i'm tired and would like to lay down, i frogged it all and decided to make a bear that i found on crochetville.

i'm hoping to have it in the mail by next week- about a month after his b-day. it's all good thought because he knows what the deal is with the fundage.

and there is is with the head. i guess it would have been okay. the arms were hard to figure out. i was having the most trouble with the tops of the arms, would i attach them like the legs or made the tops round and connect it some other way?
i have too much on my plate right now to figure it out.

dominic got the curious george movie for his b-day. i'd like to watch it but he loves to act movies out. so he's bouncing around the room. either way, my head is hitting the pillow.

Friday, October 06, 2006

oh angel, where are you?

i signed up for an angel swap in CTB about a month ago. we got our partners last week and have until thanks giving to get our package to them. well, it's supposed to be there by thanks giving.
i saw and fell in love with a little book on ebay. clothespin angels! they're so cute. so, i got the book yesterday. my payment through paypal was hung up for a bit there for some reason. i won nit a week ago.
anyway. i've been debating, spoon angels or clotehspin angels. i'm in a worse posistion than i was in before the book! then i only had one option. i got spoons and little wooden craft balls and i have yet to find wookden clothespins anywhere. i'm going to try michaels when i go out again. the lady who i bought the book from sent me 10 free clothespins. so that's a good thing. this book is larger than i expected it to be. it only has a bout 5 pages but it's nice. in better condition than i was expecting to. visit the store where i won it on ebay.
i couldn't wait to try this out so i made the lower blue one. the trim on the dress is so cute but i always have problems with the sleeves. i just can't seem to get the chain spaces count right. one was bigger than the other and i was like oh no, i can't send this.
so now i'm going back to giving the spoon angels a try. i'm hoping to have another one ready by tonight.
if you haven't heard, my little brother plays for the varsity football team now so w0ot w0ot!
he has a game tonight. - which reminds me, i need to charge the batteries for the camera. hopefully we'll go. it's been nippy out and i'm not wanting dominic to get sick. i've been planning on making him a little beanie. i'm going to do that after i'm done here. i wanted to make him a camoflauge one but it doesn't look too good on him so i'm going to dig throught the stash and see what other colors i have. he looks good in blue so maybe i'll go there. for some reason, when i tried to make him one last night it came out to be adult sized and flat on the top. i think it has to do with how many stitches i start out with. i'm going to try to stay away from multiples of 5 because it turns into a pentagon.
and here's my little button sleeping with Twinkie.