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Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring's Sprung 20% off Sale @ Lanee's Crochet!

Spring has sprung!
Here in Vegas- lately, the temps have been getting up to the mid 80's with a bit of humidity.

I know that in the Southern Hemisphere, fall is back, which means that there are people down there who will be needing nice scarves and hats and such, and boy do I got 'em!

♥Lanee's Crochet ships internationally, so no one will be missing out on this change of season sale♥

Just click on the banner to go to my studio where I have already reduced the prices on all items. (even the ones that are in my stimulus section).

There's no need to wait for a revised invoice or refund to see your discount- This way is far more convenient, I think I'll be doing percentage off sales instead of free shipping from now on. (I've calculated it so that it comes out to be just about the same =-)

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