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Saturday, March 31, 2007

taking a break from crochet.

for the last week or so, i've been crocheting like crazy. i've been in the mood for spring and so, i've cranked out a lot( by m standards) of spring crochet. all of which has been or is going to be put in my etsy shop. it's a freaky hobby on top of a hobby, that etsy has become.
i'm in full jewelery mode now. earrings and chokers and if i figure out how, rings soon too.

I'd like to get into making flowers more. i wish i had some of those lovely flower pins/hair things that i see. i haven't been able to get the larger flowers just right yet, so i'll stick to my hair clips.
Iwent on a flowering frenzie one night and made several pairs of flowers- more flowers than i had clips for. so far, i have 3 pair listed and about 4 in the bag. for some reason, i'm wanting to make more.
i tried to get my son to model them for me but it was a no go. he won't put a choker on either! not even for a bribe. luckily, i remembered that my dummy has hair!
i can't wait to get the rest of them listed. I'm getting more interested in making girly stuff, what i'll do with it, i don't know.
birthdays and holidays are sneakin right up on me, man! i thought i would do some easter crochet but i haven't gotten around to it yet. so, i think i'll skip it and move right along to b-days and mother's day. Oh the afghan! still not finished- haven't touched it in a loooooong ole time.

i have a friend who has a little princess. i want to do a set for her. maybe some cuffs and furry hair things, bags and perhaps a doll or two to go in a dress up chest. how cool would that be? she'll be 4 this year. i was thinking about it and my dominic is a whole 3 and a half! i said to him excitedly the other day, 'dominic, you're 3 and a half!' he was like, no, i'm dominic and i'm 3. =-)
he's started calling me mom and i can't say that i care for it. i don't know if it's a culture thing... well, yes, i think it is now that i think of it. i still call my mother momma, most people i know still call their mothers momma. i never saw the need to change it when i was growing up. i think 'mom' may be a cooler way to say it, but i never felt the need to. so, i may be tripping over this because i like being called momma, my momma will always be my momma. there was a time when he called me nisha. i didn't mind that, i'd prefer that to mom. i think he gets it from t.v.

it's been way windy lately, which sucks. it warmed up a couple of weeks ago and i was looking forward to taking a dip in some one's pool. dominic has never been in a life sized pool so i can't wait to capture that. i was about to say on tape, but we don't use it an more, do we? of course, i'll have a life vest on with floaties and a bubble, but he'll be pooling it non the less.
he'll be an even bigger man then =-\
it's felt so odd seeing him reach stepping stones, before i know it, he'll be listening to music i can't stand and barely talking to me. he seems to talk forever and a day now. and we sing along together. and i chase him for kisses. and more mushy mother things that i can feel becoming sweet memories.
i may just be tired.
so, i'm going to go and finally make myself a pair of earrings. i crocheted them yesterday but i couldn't find my wires, and go to sleep. dominic just went down. he fought an awesome fight, him and elmo.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Checkin in

i wish i were a better blogger. it's such a community! i've been keeping busy by crocheting stuff for my shop on etsy.
i've been feeling happy while crocheting lately. it's such a refuge from all of the crazy emotional things i've been going through lately.
i started on the ripple for the ripple-along but haven't gotten very far with it. i've only been doing about 2 rows at a time. i've got such a full plate when it comes to crocheting. i've got earrings going and blankets along with cuffs and head bands. i feel so goos when i finish them though. couldn't crochet be my world, just for this life time, please?
i'm about to update my shop's myspace profile. check it out!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Bit About Me

I absolutely love to crochet! =-)
I've known how to for a while but recently, I've felt the need to get more serious about it and to be more productive with it.
here I'll share some of my work and feelings on it.
I like working on smaller projects that can be completed quickly. I love the almost instant gratification they give. I'd have to say that the best thing about crocheting is knowing that the work you've done is appreciated. Nothing feels better than knowing that my time wasn't wasted on a project. Crochet is like candy- I'm SO hooked!

I have been crocheting since I was about 13 years old. I am now a 24 year old Stay at Home Mom to a 5 year old who is practically one third of my life. The other two being my family and crocheting.
My aunt showed my the basics of crochet but I knew that there was so much more to learn and thus my quest to make anything crochetable began. I taught myself how to read patterns. I think I'm pretty good at it. (I'm hoping you'll agree). I love knowing that whether it's being cooked, baked, crocheted or simply made by me, my hard work and attention to that particular thing is appreciated.

Can ya tell that i love being appreciated? lol

I'm a new spinner who has a drop spindle and a bit of wool to play with and perfect some spinning techniques. Watch out spinning world when I do get it down!
I'm starting to want to venture into other crafts and handmade realms, so you may see a bit of wire working, gardening, zine writing, carving or what ever else is able to spark a fancy in me.