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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Etsymom Street Team is prepping for the holidays by taking the time-honored tradition of gift-giving to another level! Riding the wave of unity, harmony and excitement inspired by the Etsymom Trunk Show in September, our team tossed around a few ideas about our next team event. A little idea of having a giveaway, where Moms would donate an item to be given away each day of November on our blog has morphed into a SUPER GIVEAWAY!! When the call for volunteers went out we had an overwhelming response of over 60 shops willing to donate a $10.00 in value item to this cause. Two winners will be randomly chosen everyday to receive one of over 50 prizes.. Donations will range from an assortment of hand embroidery, vintage finds, hair clippies, baby accessories, paper crafts, earthenware pottery and more. Perfect for gift-giving! There is a little bit of everything, so whether you like trendy, shabby chic, traditional or retro styles, you're sure to find something! Don't miss this ONLINE EXTRAVAGANZA. Visit us here beginning November 1st for giveaway rules and deadlines!

Here is what i entered:

A pair of brown and white crocheted slippers, sized to fit a woman's 9-10.

be sure to check the Etsmom's blog on the 21st of november for a chance to win them!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a quick list

i keep on sitting down at the computer to do one thing or another, but i always wind up chatting on etsy or doing other things.
so here's what i've got to do:
  • find a marathon
  • upload pics to the kid's album
  • relist something on etsy
  • pay storage bill
now, how simple would it be to do these things now?
(sounds too much like a good idea, so i'm going to go watch sci fi channel!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I want those!!!

Sandy is doing a crochet contest in which you submit a picture of a swatch of your favorite crochet stitch. See here for DETAILS.

here's my entry...

my favorite stitch is the Dc cluster. it's a fast stitch, especially when worked in rounds.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This ball caught my eye

Isn't it cute! (and the shipping price is very reasonable)
You can find it in


shop on etsy. her shop is full of unique, cute stuff, so check it out!

Pumpkin scarf

so, as you can see, i finally figured out how to get my blog to look how i want it. i'm in love with it! having it look this nice just makes me want to blog more and tell more people about it so they'll look too.

although halloween is fast approaching, thanks giving IS just right around the corner..
this scarf would do nicely.
The listing is going to expire soon, but i'm definately going to renew(if it doesn't sell first).

Who wants slipperssss!?

not me!

i did make a pair yesterday that have some how morphed themselves into little pink balls. there's something about slippers that just turns me off.

making a pair or two a year is fine, but anything beyond that is impossible. and it's a shame too, because they're so quick and easy.

instead of slippers, i've decided to do hats. i'm thinking of doing a featured color in my shop, right now i have lots of pink. it's too bad that i waited until the end of october to get with it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Made it Myself

i'm almost dying for a 3 column blog. and i almost got it last night. i found a site that showed ya how to do it and i did it, but i changed my layout and it went bye bye.
is that sucky or what.
i've started listing stuff on Made it Myself. it's not that i'm totally giving up on etsy...
as stuff gets ready to expire on my etsy, i'm going to list it on MiM.
and this is the reason i want a 3 column blog. one side for each thing.

the other day, i was in the mood to make coasters. it's been so long since i worked with thread that i couldn't find my hooks- i also forgot how bad it hurt after a while.
so, i got about 1/3 way through one coaster and quit.
yes, you're such a quitter!

i did finish a toddler's hat, i'll post pics later.

i want to start working on some more purses like the burgundy rave one i have. those are nice!

but, i'm in the mood now to make coin purses. i'm still excited about working iwth zippers.
tiny linings for the coin purses - not so much.
i'm debating on whether or not a zippered, but not lined crocheted coin purse should even exsit.

i'm going to give it a try any way, part because i'm lazy, part because i just want to get some done already. there's nothing that you could fit in a coin purse that should be poking out of the bottom anyway.
this is my rationalization.

tonight, i'll attempt the 3 column blog again, i'm sure not for the last time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

there must be a mouse in there

cause my mind is going in circles, as if on a rodent wheel.

there is so much i want to do this month, but there seems to be so little time.
i signed up for a give away with an Etsy street team i'm a member of..
and still have to send in my entry. i keep changing my mind. it's either going to be a coaster and dishcloth set done in christmas colors, or a pair of slippers. i keep flip flopping because it's officially cold here, and i'm so tempted to put those dang slippers on my own feet!

i swear, one day the temperature dropped and never came back up.
vegas is odd like that, some one flicks the good ole freeze your ass off switch and so it's done.

i also want to make some pink scarves for the month of october, but i'm unsure where they would go. last year, i had one that didn't sell, so i gave it to a lady who i just happened to know was a breast cancer survivor. i have a large hook and can crank them out fairly quickly if i use caron yarn, so i'm thinking of doing the same thing this year... giving them away to people who have survived breast cancer.

i have a bad habit of starting things and just leaving them. because of this i have ltos of WIPs that may never see a finish. i'm hoping that by focusing my energy on charity type things, i'll get over this little character flaw. at least when it comes to crocheting anyway.
not only will it save me wasting some effort, but it may save me a bit of money, as i love to buy new yarns to start new projects.

on top of that, i'd love to start on making some christmas items. since it's so close to halloween, i'll just call that holiday done with and move on. i missed the last 2 winter seasons on etsy, i'm hoping this one will be better.
with more frequent blogging, chatting, and networking in general, i'm counting on my efforts to pay off.
it's kind of like a sad love afair at the moment.

so, in short, lots to do!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

i've been trying to get in shape

i've been trying to get in shape by being more active. doing tae bo and killing myself doing this one video i got from the dollar store.

the dollar store.

i figured it wouldn't be too much of a loss, but it turned out to be tougher than tae bo!

I finished this recently:

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Loot

i've been a busy gal..

after i got all that yarn that i told you about last time, i got a custom order for a pair of arm warmers for which i used the pink. so, of course, i had to go back to get some more! The person liked them so much that she's asked me to make her a pair of legwarmers as well. i've never made a pair of legwarmers, so i'm going to wait until i feel like froggin to get to it.

i've had a couple of purses on the back burner because i didn't have either handles or lining for them, so, i hit up hancocks and came home with this:

absolutely enough fabric to get things done with. i've already gotten to using the pink and the burgundy.
This purse is something different for me, and i'm happy to say that i love the way it turned out. right now i'm taking a break from the sewing machine. i'm making a sister to it, which will have a pink handle and reverse colors for the lining. for some reason, i'm totally off tonight, and couldn't get through sewing the dang pocket so i had to ...
and blog.