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Monday, March 23, 2009

Seeds in Eggshells

I'm totally ready to have my labors rewarded by fresh flowers and veggies.

Unfortunately, it's been very windy here lately, so shoveling dirt wouldn't be too smart right now.

Still with the semi-determination to 'just grow something, damn it!', I decided to make a project out of the eggshells that were left over from breakfast.

After washing the shells that i could use, I poked holes in them with my x-acto knife and invited my son over to help drop dirt into them. He thought the whole idea was cool, but wasn't too sure about sticking his hand in a bag of dirt.

after each grab, he'd do the dusting off and wiping on the shirt thing. I don't know how this kid could prefer to dig in the sandy stuff that is our dirt, but not want to play in the soil type stuff that's moist and has little pieces of this and that in it. -sigh-

so, we got the seeds planted in there and all, but it's not been sunny enough, or not windy enough for me to set them out with out them blowing over.

I'm SO hoping that these will zinnias sprout.

I got the idea for this eggshell seed pot from a blog I read and follow called Mr Brown Thumb. His blog is full of great gardening stuff and is definitely worth reading if you're new to gardening- or even if you're not.


  1. they dont have to go outside... just put them in a window sill.. even if it is not sunny they will get some good vibes.. water and light... I am so feeling you.. my chives and basil are starting to come up.. took forever but once they get started.. bahm.. they grow so fast you can almost watch it.

  2. This is going to be such a sad story. are you ready?

    the day after we made these little egg things, i was going to put them outside, but it was way windy, so i did put them in the living room window to get sun. some time before a huge gust of wind came along, some one opened the window, and the whole thing blew over. so, i did i a lot of pinching up and putting back what dirt i could. i just hope there's seeds in it still.


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