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Monday, January 26, 2009

i've been bit in the spinner!

I don't remember if i bragged about the silk caps i bought on etsy a while back, but they are super lovely, and i can't wait to use them.
i got a lot of freebies with my order of this silk cap, so i'm going to use them to perfect my spinning with silk before i move on to this beauty, out of which i may make a light scarf or hat to give to some one special.

I am waiting on a sample of wool that i will use to get the technique down, but i'm already hearing the drop spindle call my name.
i may have spun the ugliest length of yarn you ever will see. and so as not to make myself look too bad, i'm only showing it to you on the spindle.

I haven't had much time online lately- i've been reading a lot more than usual, but when i am, i'm searching for info on how to use a drop spindle- how to draft and how to finish the yarn.

if you've got a good blog that shows how, or a site that may help, please leave me a comment so i can check it out.

pretty soon i'll be a pro and will be able to wish you happy spinning as well as crocheting =-)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The latest

A Cuff!

And for tomorrow-
i'll be listing these 2, to be sold separately.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lanee’s Crochet’s Give Away is finally ON!

According to the poll I had going here on my blog, the majority of voters said that they would like to see a beanie given.

And what a wonderful Idea that is!

All other options were pretty much chick things, but this wine colored beanie can be worn by either male or female.

It’s sized medium to large and is just right for adding a splash of color to your look, or just being warm and comfy in the winter time.

Here are the rules:

To enter, simply go to My Artfire Studio and browse for a bit or until you come to something that strikes your fancy.

Come back to this blog and let me know which item caught your eye in a comment to enter.

You may only enter once- so one comment will do. (If you like more than one thing, feel free to post it anyway, though).

This Give Away is not limited to the U.S.- I will ship this prize internationally =-)

Give away will run from January 23, 2009, starting at 8pm; thru, January 29, 2009 12am Pacific time.

The winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email shortly after.

If I don’t receive contact info from the winner by Feb. 2, 2009, a new winner will be chosen.

If all goes smoothly with this one, I’m sure I’ll be doing more give aways, so please check back from time to time to see what’s goin on here at my blog and what’s new at Lanee’s Crochet.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess what i Got!

well, i haven't gotten it yet, but i did order it and so, i've got something to look forward to receiving.

a couple months ago, i did swear off buying anything ever again on etsy.
but it's full of such wonderful stuff that i just couldn't resist.

for a little while now, i've been wanting to learn to spin. i need to feel productive in some sort of way and i'm sure that this will help me out.
I've been very hesitant to buy one of these doo-dads from etsy because i've always found that shipping them was too high.

totaling about $10.75, i think it is, this thing is just perfect!

i had some funds in my paypal and so i got it!

it's been a while since i purchased something just for me, so i think i deserve it. and if i don't well, whatcha gonna do about it? lol

an old buddy from CFL, who now has her own shop full of greatness helped me find this wonderful spindle.

You can find her here on Etsy or simply click on the picture- it's one of my favorites in her shop.
Although she's named the colorway of this yarn "all that and a bag of chips", it reminds me of the sky. it's like a whole day full of sky in one roving.

My son and i were at the park yesterday evening and i swear the sky was that shade of blue- my favorite if there ever could be for the sky..
the street lights were on, birds were heading home, and stars began to twinkle. i love it!

anyway- check out her shop, she sells a bit of this and that and she's pretty cool too.

On my Agenda

I spent a few hours last night finishing up the last of my Valentines day stuff. After i get these coaster sets listed, i'll move on to st patty's day and then i don't know what i'm going to do.

perhaps march will be the perfect month for me to take time and make something for myself. i could get working on my own afghan or finally put together that stuff to donate to hospitals...
anyway, here's a preview of what's to come (perhaps i'll get them listed before v-day, eh?)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What to give?

First it was this: Or maybe a couple of these:

Or perhaps a pair of sock slippers- or a beanie.

I absolutely can't figure out what i want to give in my give away, so - if you would so kindly help me out by taking my poll.
Maybe we can get this thing off the ground here soon =-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Valentines Day Coasters

Along with the many tiny heart pins that I've put in my shop, i've decided to do a few coaster sets as well for Valentines Day.

I love the thought that this 'holiday' is so near, but it's like getting over the hump. soon enough, it'll be spring!

While the weather is awesome and i'll love shedding my winter gear, i'm not quite sure what i'll be coming out with this year for the season, but i'm sure it'll be cute and great and practical.

here is a picture of a coaster in the set, click on it to go to see more =-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've finally gotten those heart pins listed.
They're cute!

I've got more of the green and orange scheme to put together. i actually got a pink one out of the ball! just one though=-\

They’re great for giving and could be used as prizes for students, in Valentines Day goodie mugs, paired with greeting cards, or just as a little something extra to include in your packages. - so be sure to pick up a few.

(cause when you pick up a few, you'll receive 20% off your pins purchase =-)

Rather than scrambling to make more hats or scarves for valentines day, i think i'll switch gears and crank out a few coaster sets, so be on the look out for those too!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

To pat Myself on the back

I told myself last night that i would get 3 things listed on artfire, but didn't get around to doing it.
i cranked myself up to high and finally got them on there as well as took some pics of other stuffs to put on there.
I didn't get the scarf seen below listed yet, or any of the heart pins but they're definately coming tomorrow. i love the way they turned out, and i think you will too.

I feel like that little white rabbit

is it me, or are the seasons sneaking up this year. it seems like that it wasn't too long ago that i was scrambling to get christmasy things made and listed. now i'm thinking 'oh wow! it's almost valentines day!' and i haven't got too much listed that would fit that holiday.
it's the last 'big' one that people may buy cozy crocheted goodness for, so i'm feeling like 'im late, i'm late- for a very important date!'

i've cranked out lots of little hearts to sew to things and will be coming out with some pins soon.
(i may even get some done tonight to have listed by tomorrow evening.)
i'm still debating on whether or not i want it to be just the heart on the pin, or if i want to put a circle behind it, making it look like a patch type thing.

i've got a scarf and hat on the way as well. my goal was to have them listed by tonight, but i think i'll wait on that. i don't know how many ppl are up looking right now.

Here is a sneak peak of what they are. i think they're super cute, and i hope they'll go fast.

Hopefully i'll have this scarf and a few hats listed in my Artfire Studio here pretty soon.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm thinkin mittens

I was so inclined to take a stroll this evening even though it's quite nippy out.

i love strolling and sorting thoughts- as a matter of fact, the other day, someone asked me what my favorite thing in the world to do was and i couldn't come up with an answer. he was sure that i would say yarn or crocheting or something like that. while i do love it, i don't think it's my favorite thing in the WORLD.

strolling just might be.
hearing and smelling home, being able to wander with my eyes closed with out getting lost (not that i would do that, but i'm sure that after 20+ years of living in the same place, i could do it.)
and this all reminds me of this song by Adele. she definately isn't talking about las vegas, but i do feel like she's singing my song.

Back to my point-
some one asked me if i would make them mittens and my answer was no way. not even for 100 bucks!
there's something about mittens and slippers that just don't appeal to me. i hardly want to touch them, but i always wind up making at least one pair of slippers per year.
while i was bopping along to the tunes in my head, my brother rang my phone, as he often does while he's on break.
we chatted and i tell ya, my hand nearly grew a complimentary set of cicles.

so, i'm considering making a pair or two of mittens, perhaps valentines day themed.
i picked up some awesome red heart yarn, as well as some lion brand satin and some vanna's choice that is super soft from Michael's.
i just have to find a mitten pattern that will allow me to use this worsted weight stuff and get crankin!

Friday, January 02, 2009

recycled packaging

I had a wonderful New Years Eve night, and i hope you did too!

It's been so long since i've blogged, hasn't it?

some time last year, i purchased something on etsy from a person is costa rica. along with my order, she sent some candy, which was nice.
we chatted every night for a while, and while doing so i think i asked her if she had ever had a werthers hard candy. she said no, and so, i wanted to send her some.

The package i got from her came in a handmade envelope which was made of magazine pages. i thought it was way cool and so cute, foreign words all over the place!
i felt like a small piece of costa rica had been delivered to me with that package.

Here is the package that i made up for her, filled with candies:
unfortunately, it never was sent out. the fire happened before i could get to the post office, and with it having been exposed, sending it would not be a good idea.

i think it's been out side this whole time, and i was surprised that it hadn't been thrown out with all the other stuff.

i am going somewhere with this! lol

I'm thinking of doing this type of recycled packaging for my smaller items that don't NEED to be in a bubble mailer.
right now, i pay about 80 cents for a small mailer in which a hair clip or pin would just jiggle around.
i'm thinking that if i'm selling something for less than 8 bucks, and shipping is almost 2...
well, it might go better if shipping was only 1 dollar.
Artfire is planting trees. Lanee's Crochet could use hand folded envelopes!

Just a thought- what do you think?