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Thursday, March 19, 2009

He Lost It!

With a little help from my brother, this little booger came out last night.
it was flappin on the edge and just ready to come out, but with dominic refusing, it kinda just chilled there for a few days.

after mounds of screaming and a little bleeving, dominic is now happy with his holey smile. he loves that he tongue can be seen through his teeth, lol.

it seems that this whole big boy thing is coming in a wave.
for the longest time, he's refused to pick up a writing utensil and actually try writing or coloring, but while he thought i was asleep (i was really peeking), he picked up an orange crayon and one of his "big coloring books" and began whizzing though the mazes and 'which one of these things is not like the other' puzzles. he put the book back where it was and hid the colors as if he hadn't touched it, but i SO saw it. lol

i'm hoping that his first tae kwon do lesson, which is tomorrow, will go off without a hitch and that he'll LOVE it.
maybe he'll develop a respect and love for the art =|

back to the tooth...
he believes that the tooth fairy collects the teeth and uses them to make tooth castels (he got that from Arthur, i think). when i reminded him to put his tooth uunder his pillow, he replied, 'oh, that's ok, i don't want to mess up the castle with my bloody tooth. i'll just wait for the other one to fall out and leave that one for her'.


so- technically, this gets me off the hook for leaving money under his pillow, but i kinda really want to, even though i know it'll lead to his asking to go to the video game store to buy a game with it (it won't be THAT much, but he'll still ask).

how important do you think it is? do you even remember how much you got for your first tooth? i don't- hey... DID i get anything?? =-\


  1. I think it is a right of passage. I told my son that if we wanted to keep the tooth all we needed to do was write a note to the tooth fairy. I remember how excited I was for a tooth fairy visit and I remember how excited my son was. I used to leave my son 1.00 per tooth for the front teeth and 5.00 for molars.

  2. When I was growing up and we lost a tooth.. we could put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy..and get a quarter.. so we were told.. or mom would buy it for fifty cents.. we always sold them to mom... I an not sure what her plan was with them... but I do know whatever it is never happened... they were kept in a jar and it got knocked over one time and fell to the ground... they were all mixed in with broken glass and the older dried out teeth crumbled.

  3. wow, really, glass? i didn't know teeth could crumble!
    i mean, they decay and all, but they're left on skeletons so i thought they lasted forever some how.
    i think i'll wait for the next one to fall out and determine which looks better and then just keep it as his 'first lost tooth'.
    i'm thinking it will be nice to give to my mother, or myself when he goes away to school or something. i did have his first lock, but i think it got thrown away after the fire, so just a tooth will have to do!

    i wound up putting a dollar under his pillow, and as i thought he would, he exclaimed, 'lego batman!!'

    thanks for your comments- love getting them. ♥


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