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Monday, July 31, 2006

A few things i've completed this week

I generally get all of my patterns from online sites, so most of what i post can be found on the crochet websites posted to the left. unless i state differently, the original patterns are not my own.

I was given a pattern for a sachet. i'd never made one before so this was my first time working with fiberfill and the sachet filling its self. i think it came out well for a first try. i think next time, i'll try something a little less time consuming. the lacy edge took what seemed like forever, but i love the way it looks.

Here is a set of dish towels that i've made. they work up fast, so i'll be making more in various colors.

A pineapple dishtowel, also easy to make.

I'd made a case for my hooks before from a pattern that i found online but it's kind of bulky. I wondered if there was a more convient way for my to store my hooks (why of course there was). i started off with a row of stitches then worked it up in the round. seeing which hooks are what size isn't as easy as it was in the other case but, they are my hooks after all so other than the steel hooks which all look the same to me, i know which are which.