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Saturday, January 20, 2007

i'm feeling a bit better now. physically anyway. my brother thought it was a good idea to spend last weekend with his friend who was sick ( i mean sick sick). he was feeling alright when he went to school the next day but i guess it all started coming up when he got there. right after i got the call from the school that he needed to be picked up, i began feeling not too hot myself. luckily, dominic slept through it. times seems to be dragging now, though.
i did get some crocheting done last night which is (WHOOO HOOOO!). after going around in circles with my hook in yarn- not hat circles but frog circles. lately, nothing seems to be getting started well enough for me to continue on with it.
it seems like the baby blankets are working out an not up. the more and more i work on them, the wider, not longer, they seem to get. i've got it to where i'm doing a few rows a day now in hopes that it will beat the baby here. the next one is due in june so i better start like yesterday on the one for her or it will never get done.
i pulled out the bin that was holding a couple of WIP's. one was a rug that is so far past i'm not messing with it that it's not even funny. and the other is my mom's mother's day afghan from last year. i did manage to produce a pair of pink and black slippers for her but the ' when are you going to work on my blanket?' has already began again. i've decided that after i list the second pair of slippers, i'm going to take some time off from producing items for etsy so i can get finished with more personal things. dominic still needs a pair of slippers ( i doubt he'll wear them, though). the kid hates house shoes and often walks around with only one sock on. i had made him some out of some chunky USA that i had - not sure where they went but he did not dig them at all. i'm getting tired of having to wash blackened socks so he'll have to learn to deal with having something on his feet until summer.
back to that dang blasted rug- i was using a yarn called cabana print that i had picked up a year or so ago. (it feels like that long) i started on an afghan with a yarn by the same name but wasn't wise enough to make sure that i had enough of it to complete the project. when i went back to get more, it was hard to find and when i did find it, it was SO off from what i already had that i just gave up on the afghan (which had richer, darker colors). i'll frog it when i get a winder, until then, it's tucked away in shame.
here are the slippers that i made (on sale here) from the "rug's yarn".

i finished my mom's scarf a week ago. she has yet to wear it. i have so many folks who nag me to make them stuff and then never wear it. perhaps they're saving them for the day i become famous. here it is with out the fringe. for some reason, my mom loves pink. she wanted me to maker her a hat out of this stuff at first but it was not happening. it just didn't look right. i'm sure it would have winded up on the 'oh hell naw' website.

oh look, a picture of the hat! a long time ago, i made a scarf for a little girl out of this yarn. after that, i only had a little bit of it left but i tried to stretch it into a poncho. didn't work. so, the baby girl opportunities that have come up have got me wanting to get rid of the stuff. i have just enough to make this hat and a pair of booties for sure, maybe some mitts if i'm good. i wasn't able to picture how small a baby's head would be or how it would look on one at all. i wanted it to be a mini beret/mushroom styled hat - we'll see. after i got to working on it, i was feeling like maybe the colors were too loud for a newborn but people keep telling me 'no, it's cute!' this will be a later on down the line gift, i think.

did i tell you that dominic cut his hair? he's such an i don't know what to call it at times. he not too long ago said to me -'im going to the potty' i was like, ok, good. he said 'well, are you coming?' i was like, what!? he still fears the dark even though my mom got him a little finding nemo foot stool which allows him to reach such things as lights and sinks. i've got to break that kid from using the buddy system when going to the potty.
privacy isn't a big deal for me so i guess it's rubbed off on him. i just think - what am i going to do when he's off to school next year.
can you see the damage? there used to be 3 very spingy locks of hair there. i'm going to have to hold him down to get him to be still long enough for it to be fixed. some say leave it alone but i think this was a cry for some attention so why not give it to him? it'll grow back. hopefully by then he'll be out of the i can cut my own hair stage.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh, the baby stuff!

I have 2 cousins who are pregnant. one is due next month and the other some time in june. i have yet to crochet anything for people outside of this house so i thought i'd go on a little crochet adventure with these opportunities. baby blankets all around!
i had started on one using the jamie yarn that i have before i knew about the new comers. i have a LOT of jamie so i'm going to put it to work. they're going to be yellow, and they don't photograph well, but i swear i've been working on them. (ok, not lately but they're 'the works').
i couldn't get them to photograph right for the life of me. it seems that when i get to the 1/4 mark on these little blankets, the goin gets tough and i just can't seem to get the motivation back. so, i've got to add 2 blankets and a bunting to my WIP's.
Look what i found in my closet! Oh the good ole days come back to me, the ones way back when i didn't know the value of a skien of yarn! you best believe that i didn't give up on this one. it's now sitting pretty in nice little balls waiting to be made into something girly. it's not more than 2 ounces but i think i can squeeze a hat or two out of it.

I've just set up a myspace profile for my shop on etsy. see here.
i've not been feeling too good lately but i wanted to do some blogging sooo bad.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

and just before the new year, too.

I'm Feeling: Determined
i have a feeling that this will be one of the last negative posts i do here. negative meaning about what's going on in the not so yarn part of my life.
the good news first- right before new years, i sold a hat and scarf set on etsy. See here. it was the last thing that i had listed and i was surprised it went so fast. i'm just about done crocheting winter stuff. or am i? i'm a scarfer for sure so i don't know if i can let it go that easily and i'm not sure what i can do for spring and summer crochet. i'll have to go on another pattern quest. i love this set - hope it sells soon, too. i've got to get into making more hats. they're faster than scarves and speaking for myself, i wear them more often than scarves. that might be because i can make a new one at will.
so, an etsy resolution for me is to put a lil more variety in my shop. i'm close to attempting another stuffed one. just close.
so, how was my new year you ask? to get personal - i was dumped by my finance'. so, instead of spending it with him, in wonderful vegas- the place where many travel to party hardy, i was at home, trying not to cry and crocheting while watching HBO comedy specials until i could no longer keep my lids open. dominic was up until shortly after the clock struck 12. he didn't care for the sound of all the fireworks so he went to sleep. we cuddled on the couch for a bit (until it was too much for me to hold on to him and get into crocheting.
so, i start off my new year single-not looking (but hoping that some one new will come along) i'm not used to being single, it feels weird. i'm not the type of person to go out and play the field and i'll be damned if i do internet dating (that got me a jack ass who is able to leave me hanging and a kid [who i love dearly]). yes, i met him on the internet 5 years ago. i was still in highschool when we met. enough of that, though. i'm trying to get on my feet. that's going to be the hardest thing i've had to do in all my 22 years. having a kid comes naturally, but actually fending for yourself -man!
i still dream of being a SAHM/ housewife, but i guess i'll have to put in some time in the big bad world before i can do that again/ at all. after crying for a week, i can't any more. i'm all cried out and i'm not sure that there is much to be crying over. i have to tell myself that it's better that he flakes, changes his mind, cheats, or did what ever it was that made him leave now rather than later. if he doesn't get killed in iraq, there is going to be plenty of awkward moments in 8 months. gosh, another one bites the dust. even though i'm tempted to go out and try to find some one else - must be a non-smoker and better looking, i'm through with blonds, a few abandonment issues? i don't mind, you might actually know how it feels to be left hangin.
huh? oh, this isn't the personals? my bad!
so yeah - to do for self! hey, that could be another resolution! I WILL DO FOR MYSELF!
ok, in other news, my cousin is having a girl! after 6 boys, this is something to celebrate!
i've decided to make her something. i'm working on a hat set which will include a hat (of course), some booties, and some mitts. i'm winging it on the set but i finally got the hat done last night. i don't know what what it is about hats but i always have about 4 false starts before i get going right. i have what i consider to be a butt load of lion brand's jamie in soft yellow. apparently, this is what i got it for! i've started on a couple of blankets but i think i'll be using the pattern that comes on the back of the label. the first i started was going to be a large granny square. much like the ones i made for dominic. for some reason, the dang thing didn't lay flat so after i got done with the skien of yarn, i unwound the blanket and it's now a ball.
she's due in february so i best get a move on it! i have quite a few WIPs that NEED to be done. so i think my shop will go a bit by the way side until i bust some of those down. i'll be adding small things, of course, but nothing too time consuming.
along with the baby things, i promised my mom a hat. she got this yarn from red heart that is a variegated pinks with red. her fav. color is pink so i told her i would make a hat for her. i tried to do one using the hippie hat pattern that i found on CPC and that i've used to make my own but it was not lovin the red heart. i used caron before so it was softer and more flexible. red heart made it look like a waste basket, it was so stiff!
so, that's what's on my hook for now.
i made dominic an earflap hat which he doesn't appreciate at all. it was my first so i think the placement of the straps might be off. he's got a big noggin anyway. i might wind up giving it away.
i don't think that i've made mention of a Christmas surprise that i got just before the day. it was a purple box filled with crochet notions and i just love it. that box follows me around the house when i crochet. in it, there was a row counter. dominic thinks it's his because it clicks when you push the button. it's not, it's mine! that's my favorite thing in there. and i also got a yarn cutter pendant. it's cool! i have yet to make a cord so i can string it and put it on my neck but it's a handy lil fella. i was so moved when i got the box in the mail. i often don't feel like people get me and after many trips to the toilet with dominic and running around after him and food and everything that is life for me - opening that box was a bit of a get away for me.
(thanks friend!)