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Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've not been around much..

I've been doing a bit of this and that lately. Continuing with my wire/bead adventures, I've cranked out 2 more pairs of earrings. One, a hot pink and black pair for my aunt-

(This is the only pair i made in these colors, the pic leads to something similar)

she loved them.

And the other, this blue and ecru pair, which will be listed soon enough.

My brother's friends tend to live here on the weekends, and these new walls are not as dense as the old ones were, so getting piece and quiet with 4 teen aged boys playing video games, talking football and listening to mac dre ( who I now CANNOT stand as a result) is not easy to do.

I still have my bean bag, crochet hooks and movies, but the air does change with their energy in it, so productive is something i've not been much of.

I've been loving working with wire, so i picked up a small spool of it from michaels while i was out getting my new tripod-which i can't wait to use to shoot my tutorial on how to crochet in rounds. I've come across several people who are wanting to know how to do this properly, so, i'm excited about doing this. -insert smilie- lol

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