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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sale Ends Wednesday!

Hey folks, I just wanted to remind you all that Lanee's Crochet has a sale going on for which you can use coupon code SUMMERSALE09 to recieve 30% off items found in the follwing Lanee's Crochet's categories:

Hair Clips

Baby Hair Clips

Kitchen Items



The weather is changing every where!  My friends who reside in the Southern Hemesphere, be sure to look around, this sale has some Christmas and Hannakuh gift potential for ya!


Visit LaneesCrochet's Studio
SAVE 30.00 % On Select Studio Categories
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during checkout.

I'm looking forward to fall and winter and can't wait for the Christmas season.  

If you're looking for Christmas gifts, or just simply something to warm you or a loved one up this year- be sure to check back - You never know what deal you'll find here

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've got stocking stuffers on the Brain!

The more I dive into my inventory, the more stocking stuffer potentials I come across. I'm trying to get better photos of my things and get them picked up by google by trying a few holiday SEO optimization suggestions that I got from Artfire's Promote/Learn section.

I found this one along with a couple others in the bin:

Last year, I did some features with stocking stuffer suggestions. This year, I think I will read a few gift guides and perhaps try to fashion my features after this idea. I've got a brother who loves to lay around and watch tv when he's not working himself to death, a son who is 6 and loves video games, a mother who is not too picky but loves things that are pink and practical, and an aunt who never throws anything away, and can find the beauty in the most pitiful looking things.

So, perhaps doing a mini gift guide will help me drum up ideas on what to get them while commiting to a Handmade Christmas, while giving others a direction to go in as well..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New and Improved Twitter Background

Tim Adams posted a link to his new tiwtter back ground design, and I think it's just wonderful!
It inspired me to update mine ( I had been using one of the default ones they have), so I sat down for an hour or so and really thought about how I could make my twitter page a bit more appealing to my followers.

Keep with the brand of course!

My favorite colors are yellow and blue, and so, they've become Lanee's Crochet's brand colors. I was lying awake one night thinking, 'I should have some kind of graphic to associate my shop with as well', but unfortunately, I'm the worst ever drawer of yarn balls or anything that is associated with crochet period.
I think it's best for some one like me to stick to geomtrical shapes for such things- and so, here we are!

I'm totally happy with how it turned out. I've tied in my shops' banner and font as well as added this new element to the mix, and it still looks pretty decent! (hell yes i'm patting myself on the back on this one- c'mon, you have to agree that it's pretty cool) =-P

I'm encouraging those of us who have a shop or studio some where as well as a twitter on which we share our specials, new products and help promote others to personalize the twitter!
It's delish and will let ppl know where they're at!

Follow me @laneescrochet
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Switching Gears Isn't Anything New

I've been on this lovely little planet of ours for 25 years, in Vegas just as long

g, but somehow the seasons keep creeping up on me! Year after year, I find myself looking up at the trees or down at the street to see crisping leaves tumbling (down or away).

Fall is not going to catch me slippin this year!

No Sir!

I've already begun refreshing things in my shop that would make good stocking stuffers

Such as this Coin purse

But I've still got to get some fall Items made and ready.

This Fall Handbag was a good start, but I've got more to give!

This Fun Halloween Colored Tube Scarf and Striped Cuff are soon to come =-)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

From That to This

I've recently decided to get back to the basics of things as far as what I'm making for my shop and what I'm doing with life in general.

With that, I've decided to break down my bath accessories sets, so first up on the break is this one:

Originally $15, I offered 4 towels and 2 facial scrubbies. I've reduced this offering to 2 towels and 3 facial scrubbies. Now priced at $7 (and with free shipping worldwide, that's a steal!)

I've still got several smaller sets to list so be sure to check out my twitter channel for updates and announcements on those =-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bath Pouf and Scrubbies Set-Blue, Green, Yellow, and White

I believe handmade bath poufs and accessories are
better than those nylon throw away poufs you buy at the store because theyre softer while still being exfoliating, long lasting, machine washable, and dont go straight to landfills after only a few uses.

I've just listed this new bath pouf and scrubbies set in my artfire.

For just $10 (yep, 10- no shipping charges or anything!), you'll get what you see here. =-)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still Pluggin Along Here

What feels like forever ago, some one was looking for a specific type of hat here online, but was unable to find it. That some one stumbled upon my Artfire studio and a hat that was quite similar, but still not quite what he was looking for, so we decided to work it out.

He wanted a hat with a hard bill and small stitches in a custom size and I accepted the challenge.

(The first draft of the hat)

This one was a bit smaller than we would have liked. I didn't forsee the bend in the bill taking some of the measurement off and making it a bit tighter than with out one, so I re-did it.

(The final Version)

This one is a bit bigger than before- I made a different bill for this one. Honestly, I liked the first one better and will probably try to duplicate the look of it later on.

I wound up making the hat twice and getting about 3 extra bills out of the proccess, so now I think I'm going to try a short billed beanie with what I have.

Who knows- a signature product may have been born out of this whole experience.


I'm starting to hear that the weather is changing outside of my little las vegas world. While i've been wishing that that were the case here- (mainly while walking my son to and from school with the sun blazing and sweat pouring), I haven't really been preparing for this year's cold weather season.

I'm looking forward to going totally store and shop wide with free shipping. It's going to take a few days to get there, though, with my 100+ items up for sale.

I've refreshed this Fall Handbag in my studio:

You can find this purse here with free shipping!

Be sure to be on the look out for that feature along with new seasonal items!