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Monday, March 09, 2009

Good Day =-)

I don't know why it feels like it's been forever since i blogged. it's only been a couple days i think.

Just stopping by to post because my fingers were itching to do so.
I'm hoping to get this bookmark listed in my artfire studio today-
I'm going to put it in my Artfire Stimulus Package section. (That is, a section in my shop, as well as many other Artfire artisans, that is sure to have something that those of us affected by today's economy could still afford) It'll make a great plastic egg stuffer for Easter, or gift for a chick who's just starting to get into reading novels.

Also on my agenda is getting out a set of coasters that sold over the weekend. I had two sets of these, so they've been re-listed and are available still.
This was my first sale in a month. My laziness is to blame for that, for sure, but I swear i'm trying to kick it up a notch, so hopefully I'll be seeing them come in more frequently.

I've also got to look over 3Zart Artland's Daily Coffee & Promote Checklist - it's got some great suggestions on getting your name out there in internetland.

What have you got going on today? please share =)

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  1. Love the bookmark... what a great idea for an easter present :)


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