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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Love Me Buttons

While digging around the other day, i rediscovered my bags of buttons and re-remembered why i loved them so much in the first place.

They're slick and shiny and perfect and sometimes not perfect, round, and some times not, 2 holes or 4, maybe 3 or none... They remind me of the days when it took me forever to button up my shirts and the era of flowered one piece jump suits with flower buttons that weren't really functional. And of 30 minutes of each week in the 2nd grade with which we had to play with, sort, or just plain sit and look at small objects like marbles, wooden cubes, and BUTTONS!

There are so many simple things around us that we often don't think twice about now, but meant the world, or even day to us back when we were little.

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