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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Spun Dat!

I finally decided that i was going to use my first spun yarn, out of which, so far i have 2 small balls of worsted weight and i don't know how much of sock weight.

i thought i was was going to be able to eek out a beanie from the 2 balls i already had buuuuuuut-
The picture above is about half of what i got to, i've already frogged the first ball of it. so, perhaps i'll make some coin purses or lacy looking arm or wrist warmers with the thicker stuff.

when i went back to spin more, i couldn't get it to be the same weight, no matter how hard i tried. even drafting is the hardest challenge for me as far spinning goes.

So, lesson #1- draft all the roving at one time, or even just in the same day-
lesson #2- pay attention to yardage
and #3, plan that mess, man.

I don't feel as bad as i could for messing up this-my very first wool spinning- but i have to recognize that i'm a horrible planner of projects, so i know that some frogging, and variations in yarn weight could have been avoided if i had only thought it through.


It's life, and it goes on...
I've got a little more roving left, which i know will be spun into the thinner weight- because, of course, at the end of the whole thing, i've realized how i have to split the roving to just about an inch or less wide to have it draft and spin to the weight i'd like.
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  1. First.. i totally love the colors... Two.. the rest is a strange language to me.. what is frogging? I wanted to think you made a frog from the yarn.. and that would have been cool.. but I am thinking that is not it... and if the yarn is not the same weight you can not mix it? Does weight mean size? lacy wrist warmer would be great I think... cant wait to see what you do with it.

  2. lol, glass =-)
    by frogging, i mean ripping my work loose, (rip it rip it!)

    the way i spun it, it's looking like half the yarn is the weight (which means thickness basically) that you've knitted your scarf in, and the other half is the weight that i used to make your heart pins, some times it varies in spots- which i don't care for.

    I love the colors too- the roving was actually given to me because the chick who made it thought it was a mess up, but it's more like an ugly duckling, it seems.

  3. I love the colors and I love your work, its beautiful.


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