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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bernat Mosaic Yarn Give Away from AllFreeCrochet

I just saw their page on Facebook and entered to win 2 skeins of Envy by 'liking' their post about it.
I love free stuff, especially luscious yarns!

Bernat Mosaic Yarn Envy
Check out their Facebook page and enter to win!
This give away closes on October 10th- so, hurry hurry!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where Went the Muffin Top?


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I was in the mood for a muffin for breakfast but, there were none to be found anywhere.  Of course, when a lady gets a craving, she gets a CRAVING!
And what else could I do but satisfy it to the best of my ability? :)

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I found THE perfect muffin base recipe (after a few tweaks).  The crumb is fantastic and neutral flavored.  I have some clear blueberry flavor at my mom's that I just can't wait to try in this recipe.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh, the Changes Are Abundant!

I consider myself to be a frequent prayer and often look forward to finding the eventual answers to them. But  boy, oh boy! I was not expecting such a fast answer to my prayer for  my ideal man and ultimately, family to be given so quickly.  It seems like just a year and a half ago, I was reading about God's promises, and secrets to successful praying.
Since then, I have found work in a place that suited me, found love in a man who has every quality that I ever prayed for (sometimes, it seems, none more and none less lol)- my dear son now has a father figure and 'brother' and... AND! we have a little one on the way!! After 9 years of swearing off childbearing, I am expecting a baby girl at the end of December.  I am pretty blessed, and I do say so myself :)