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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i feel like slippers.

i've been wanting to make a pair of slippers and so i did last night. i like the way they came out and they're much easier than i though they would be. so i think that i can make my own pattern up for my next pair. i'd like to have some that come all the way up the ankle.
at first, i didn't like the color of these. the pattern says to work with 2 strands held together and these are the only colors that i had on hand. i love the colors now because they look nice on my feet. i would like them to be a bit more snug- i'll be working on making them snug and the right size next time. we all know that a size too small can be snug but is rarely comfortable.
anyway, here they are:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and here's where i found the pattern:Abi's Slippers
the slippers shown in the picture look a bit different from mine. i think the ones on hte pattern look like the main stitch is a clister stitch and reminds me of a granny square.

Monday, August 28, 2006

round ripple

i'm now on rnd 20 w00t! so that makes me about 40% done! i don't know what i'll be doing with it when i'm done, but i can't wait to see it finished. i'm doing one row of blue for every other small shell row so far. i think i'll space it out a bit more, make it mainly purple.

aimless crochet doesn't please me anymore. i need a cause.

one of my groups is encouraging charity crochet. they're doing a 25 things for charity. i was thinking about it and tat would be nice. i have a bit of yarn that would be suitable for babies and others who are in need. last night i found a really cute and easier than i expected pattern for a premie burial gown. so i decided to work one up. i knew it wouldn't take long so i didn't even bother to print out the pattern. i just read it right off of the computer while i listened to my music. another one of my late night crochet projects. i haven't gotten it as long as i would like it to be yet. and honestly, i'm not sure how long it make it. the pattern says 12''-15'' or something like that. i told a person that i talk to online that i was crocheting this item and his reaction was outragous. something like, "why the hell would you do that?" after seeing his reaction, i decided not to tell my mohter what i was making, but i was so proud of what i was doing (it is so cute and i know some one will like it) that i just had to show her. she was like, it's a bit small. i just told her it was for a premie. earlier today i told her what it was really for and her reaction was about the same. "why would i want to make something like that?". i don't find anything wrong with it, but imust admit that the reactions that i've gotten aren't too encouraging. i've already made a pair of booties. those worked up in about 10 minutes. i like the way they came out so i will be making more. i used regualr ole worsted weight yarn on this pair- i'll dig in my stash for somethign a bit softer, for sure. i'm determined to ignore other's reactions and do what i feel is right for me right now. meaning that i will be finishing that gown and making burial wraps and hats, blankets and booties- what ever else i think i can.
aimless crochet doesn't please me anymore. i need a cause.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Loving Hugs Preemie Booties

Saturday, August 26, 2006

What kind of yarn are you really??

What kind of yarn are you really??

You are a wonderful fluffy novelty yarn. Take your pick! Lots of fun and full of exhuberance. You are very social and mix well with all types of people. Very playful and endearing.
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Friday, August 25, 2006

i think i'm addicted to late night crochet.

turn down the lights, put on some smooth music and hand my my no.7 steel crochet hook-i'm about to get busy.
i think i'm addicted to late night crochet. i always feel the need to complete one small thing before i go to sleep. last night, or morning i should say, i didn't get to bed until 6am. it's now a little past 4am and i'm still scouring the web for the perfect little pattern for me to try. last night it was a pineapple sachet. i've been in a sachetin mood lately and i'm still on the hunt for the perfect pattern. i came across this pattern a little while ago but it didn't work out for me then. i had to look a little closer at it to finally figure out where i was going wrong. let me warn you before you go ahead and try it out, in rnd 3, the parenthesis should be before "skip next st," in the pattern. i kept on coming up with 16 dc because of this. also, when it says "beg shell" in the pattern i i would have caught on a bit faster if it said "work beg shell" instead. i was like, beg shell, nice, what about the beg shell?
after i got over those bumps i realized that i was doing more shellin than pineapple'n. this is what i got:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i likethe way it looks but for a sachet, i thought it was a bit big. an alternate use for the pattern is making it into a christmas ball cover. it is literally the size of a christmas ball. it took a bit of fiberfill to get it as round as it is. the sachet in it is very faint because of this. and at 5 in the morning, i couldn't find my blue tulle so i used some left over chiffon that i had. i don't know if i was just too tired or what but i cut the chiffon a little to small.
i have to say that my favorite part about this sachet is the ribbon, i used some metallic ribbon that i got at walmart for about 98cents. i don't like the fact that it unravels but i think a couple of small dabs of superglue would fix that right up. i think that it would look a bit nicer if i could curl the bow tails. i was thinking of startching the ribbon and then wrapping it around a pencil or something until it dried. i may have to try that on another project.
for now, my cruisade to find the perfect pattern continues. i may just wind up making my own. (that would be somethin else!)
i found the pattern here:PINEAPPLE SACHET

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I've been tagged...

1.) The one household chore I don't mind doing is....
Sweeping. I'm always reminded of that one broom scene in that old old break dancing movie "Breakin' "

2.) The last person to make a surprise visit to my home...
My little brother's friend. i don't know why it was such a surprise, he usually just drops on by.

3.) I cannot comprehend...
our government.
4.) At this moment I wish...
i had enough money to last a life time no matter what happened.

5.) The last serious discussion I had was...with a customer service rep. from a company i owe money to.

6.) The thing that made me laugh the hardest today was...
a sig that some one posted in The Crocheters Treasure Box

oh, the rug!

several weeks ago, i thought it would be a good idea to make a rug. i wanted an oval one to put in front of the couch while i crocheted or in front of my bed. i just know that the drafts are coming and i don't much care for wearing shoes. perhaps a simpler sollution would have been to try out a sock or slipper pattern.
so, i started on the rug, which seemed pretty simple. i tell ya, that rug just about whooped my butt. i was literally sweating and struggling with it. so i finally had the mind to give up on it. after all that work, i don't think i'd be happy with it anyway. i have yet to get a yarn ball winder, (this would be on my wish list if i had one.) so after looking at all the yarn that i had just faught with in a pile, i didn't want to let it tangle so i started a new rug. dominic loves to roll around and lay down and watch his cartoons on the floor so, i thought, well, this could be a t.v matt for him.Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i'm doing long rows of the cris-cross stitch. so far i've done 7 rows which makes it 5'' from top to bottom.i'd like to consider it done at about 25''.
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for weeks now, my yarn and sewing notions have taken over the kitchen and living room.

for weeks now, my yarn and sewing notions have taken over the kitchen and living room. i finally got motivated enough last night to start making room for all my craft stuff. i emptied out a couple of dominic's toy boxes and put all of his toys into a laundry bag type thing that i got gtom the dollar store. i have 3 bins, one box, and a large trash bag full of yarn that just seems out of place. i'm thinking that i will put dominic's toys into one of my yarn bins so they will be easier for him to get to and see how that goes. i think i'm going to have to stuff a lot og the yarn under my bed =-\ hopefully this will limit what i can just pick up and start crocheting at random.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

i finally got the barrette to finish up my snood.

i finally got the barrette to finish up my snood. it came out alright. i was on a roll with the middle rows and did about 4 more than the pattern called for so it's a bit long for me. i've already started on another one. i've just got to make the petals and rose for it. the rose that's given on the pattern is nice but i think i'll try another flower this time around.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i couldn't find any size 10 thread in teh color that i wanted so i just did the barrette part using the same size 3 that i used for the body of the snood. i don't think it turned out terrible but i'll be using size 10 white with some gold embroidery thread strung along. i also finished a bride's purse last night. i've made 2 so far. one with the silver metallic thread as the pattern calls for and one with gold. i gave up on puttin the beads on the silver because i know i'm not going to use it. i will probably finish it and then gift it to some one.

according to my gauge, this round ripple afghan will be about 34'' across. i usually like to give blankets a bit bigger but this one will be just fine. i don't know any one who is expecting so maybe i'll give it to a charity. i want to try some little outfits, too. (hoping that it'll prepare me for the making of sweaters or vests.
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Round Ripple Afghan
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Where i found the patterns:
Bride's Purse (pdf)
Rose Snood (pdf)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i just can't seem to get motivated

i just can't seem to get motivated to work on the mother's day afghan. i'm totally bored with french knots and straight stitches. i've told myself that i wouldn't start another afghan until i got this one finished but i really want to try a round ripple afghan that was posted in one of my groups. i won a booklet of mile-a-minute afghans that i also want to try. i've never done a mile a minute. about a year ago, i started on an afghan for a friend that i'm unable to finish. i've still got it in my head that i want to give her one. i think the mile a minute will be perfect. ah well.
i'm taking a break right now from the straight stitches. i'm looking for some heart patterns and i've found a few that i want to try. i'm trying to figure out what i can give as party favors for those who come to the most informal wedding ever. halfway home-made everything.
i'm in the process of making a snood. all i need for it is a barrette- then i can put it together and test it out. times' winding down. my soon to be hubby will be back on a couple of weeks and i'd like to have things set up at least a little. i ordered a pattern online for a capelet that i want to make to wear with my dress. i've still got to get the fabric and all that. i already have it in mind and i know how much it costs. of course i'll be getting it from good ole walmart.
here are some pictures of the darn blasted squares i'm working on. i'm only halfway finished. when i'm able to edit my blog using beta, i'll be adding some WIP meters. (hopefully soon!) i may just have to redo the whole blog. i've had to manually insert pictures which is a total pain.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting i had to make about 20 of these squares. half of which will be embroidered like the one on the right. that's some tedious stuff right there!

Mother's Day Afghan
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i couldn't go to sleep so i crocheted

i couldn't go to sleep so i crocheted. i've been working on scrunchies lately. i'm enjoying it because i don't need a pattern to make them. i'm tired of reading patterns for right now.
they work up fast- it takes about 10 minutes from start to finish to do one. that's a major plus.
i made a camo one for myself out of the left overs from the hat i made a while ago. while i was making it, i couldn't help think of my significan other. he's away in training for the marines. the last time i saw him, he was so enthuzed about showing me his gear. i wasn't open to seeing it on him. that would just put a seal on the thoughts that i have of him never coming back. tonight while i was making a scrunchie i thought of him and i wished i had let him show them off. i will next time i see him for sure, i'm curious now. perhaps i'm just missing him.
if there is one thing that peeves me, it's coming across knots in a skien of yarn.i hate finding loosely tied ones worse. there were a few in my ball of camo yarn tonight. i hope there aren't any more. i want to make many more scrunchies with it and i still have to make a hat for dominic. i don't think i'll be able to squeeze all of that out of the amount i have. just another reason to go on an adventure to wal mart!

Monday, August 14, 2006

i have been in such a crocheting mood lately

i have been in such a crocheting mood lately. i got a few smaller projects finished today. i've been looking for a licky penny holder and although i haven't tried all the patterns that i've found, i believe i've found the right one for me already. i'm thinking about making these as favors to give away at a party. the one below took all of 10 minutes to complete. the pattern can be found here: Lucky Penny For the Bride

and this is my finished mystery crochet along from Crochet for Life! i usually stroll up to the library during the fall and winter. this will be a nice bag to take for books. it's not too big so i'll be limited on what i can check out. i'm always a bit ambitious when it comes to my reading goals.
i used Peaches N Creme's potpourri and ecru. the pattern for this bag can be found here:String Bag. you'll have to get a membership to get the free pattern. i think it's worth it-there's sure to be more good stuff there.


i've got a whole mess of ping pong yarn left from when i started on my scarves and hats. i've been making them into scrunchies. the pictures i took of them aren't too flattering so i'll wait until i have a variety of colors to post them.
i'm wanting to make more sachets but i haven't found a pattern that would be ok to make more than one a day. (ok meaning that it won't tear my hands up while i'm making them). i have g ot to find a glove or something to protect my left hand from the yarn.
i haven't been able to find any hook cushions so i've just been doing this. you're probably thinking something like 'ewww' or 'oh hell no', but it works for me.

these are the sachets that i did for the swap in Crochet for Life! the nice picture as taken by my partner after she received it.
the pattern can be found here:Robbie's Angel.
i made 7 squares in all, used 2 for the body, one for the wings and 2 each for each of the pillows. this was my first time making squares in the round like this so it was something new for me. i worked on a square blanket when i was taught to crochet but it had already been started. i had no idea it was so simple. i do love to complicate things, i guess.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some Older Things I've Done

I want to share some of the older stuff i've done. i like to keep it simple and work on projects that can be completed quickly. i don't remember the dates for all of these, but i'm sure they were taken some time this year.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These are pictures of blankets that i did years ago. i had a lot of free time while i was pregnant with my son who is now alsmot 3. he liked the one on the left the best when he was little. as you can see, they're still useful today, gotta love crochet!
This is a blanket that i made for a friend of mine who was expecting a baby boy. i used the sweet pea stitch all the way through it making sure that it was just the right size to fit a crib. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These are my first attempt at a hat and a purse. the hat is from a pattern that i found online. the pattern didn't come with a template for the brim- that made it tricky. i made the purse by working in the rounds after making a stitch that i thought would make a wide enough purse. i knotted the strap because it was too stretchy. i would change the way i finished the strap by going around it with a row of sc. perhaps that would make it a bit more secure in shape.


This is a newsboy cap that i did in redheart's camo. it's my way of showing my support for my soon to be hubby and his brother who are both in the military. i originally made this one for my son, but he doesn't care for the feel of it and it fits me just fine. i'm going to make him one for the winter with a matching scarf. hopefully he'll wear it. here is a link to the pattern: Newsboy Cap.


This is the first crochet hook case i made. it took longer than i like to spend on a project. i have different places in the house where i like to crochet and having to carry this bible sized case around wasn't as convenient as i thought it would be. it's still a nice case, though. i found the pattern for it here: Aluminum Crochet Hook Case.


A simple V-stitch poncho that i made for a friend's daughter. i used Redheart's Monet. The pattern can be found here:
Child's V-st Poncho . i modified it to fit a 3-4 yr old.

I had our frequent trips to the park in mind when i made this sling bag. i used WW cotton- the dishcloth kind. it doesn't stretch too much and is very easy to make. this day, we packed snacks for a trip to the park to watch my little brother's foot ball game.

I made this purse for my mom using the same pattern. i used crochet cotton size 3 and shortened the handle a bit. During my first attempt at lining it i tried for machine sewing and a zipper, but that wasn't working out too well. So i used a velcro snap instead this time sewing everything by hand.
i think it came out nicely. my mom doesn't have to worry about tearing the purse up with her keys or anything falling out of the bottom after many uses. i'm sure it'll be one of her favorites.
i found the pattern for the flower here: Cute 'n Simple Flower.
I didn't like the big hole in the middle of the flower so i used this opportunity to use one of my many buttons.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Week of Aug. 6, 2006
- I'm on a roll with these sachets. i've been looking for a heart shaped one with a more open mesh. i found this pattern with heart sachet in the description. it wasn't quite what i was looking for as it is obviously a pineapple but, beggers can't be choosers so i tried it anyway. the pattern calls for a size 7 steel hook but i used a 2. for a reason that i haven't yet figured out, i wind up grabbing for YO's more than i like. using the bigger hook, it worked up faster, but of course it's larger thann intended, too. i was going to use an organza type cloth with the filling but lost interest in doing that after a while. i just stuffed it with some potpourri i had laying around and gave it to my mom.