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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Blue

Nisha, your true color is Blue!

You're blue — the most soothing shade of the spectrum. The color of a clear summer sky or a deep, reflective ocean, blue has traditionally symbolized trust, solitude, and loyalty. Most likely a thoughtful person who values spending some time on your own, you'd rather connect deeply with a few people than have a bunch of slight acquaintances. Luckily, making close friends isn't that hard, since people are naturally attracted to you — they're soothed by your calming presence. Cool and collected, you rarely overreact. Instead, you think things through before coming to a decision. That level-headed, thoughtful approach to life is patently blue — and patently you!

Monday, November 19, 2007

It's practical art

I came across this shop filled with absolutely beautiful things today.
Oh, if only i could reach into the screen and feel the warmth of Jim Jenkins' jewelry boxes which are everything but ordinary.

You can see the time, attention, and passion that he puts into every piece.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

count as you walk with me.

have you ever found yourself counting for no reason whatsoever?
as i set out on my walk to the post office box, it was hot and kinda breezy, so i thought, this is perfect power walk weather.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...pole, 1,2,3,4, walk button and wait.
i had to stop myself from counting my steps.
days and days of making hats, crocheting in the round and having to count stitches has finally left a mark on my poor ole mind. and i think i'm finally about as burnt out as one can be of crocheting in the round.
i'm working on an order now for this hat, only larger. no matter how much math i do, it has yet to come out right.
This one is a bit small, but still falls in the average category. the one i need to make is for some one who wears a fitted hat size 8. That's extra large and as far as i can tell, the largest size in hats. i don't know if it's because it looks huge, or if it's because it looks huge, but something doesn't look right with the hat i've been making for damn near a week. i'm thinking about just taking it all back and handing him a 7 1/2. i'll say, 'oh, it'll give a little' =->
unfortunately, he's my cousin and knows how to get to my house, so perhaps giving him a hat that will leech his brain through his skull is not a good idea.
fortunately, there is no deadline, so, perhaps i'll take a break and finally get something made with that big ole cone of christmas colored cotton yarn i have.

did you know that veterans day was on sunday!?
and did you know that yesterday was not sunday?!
i was like, whaaaaat? lol.
so, i made some ribs and meatballs, my mom fried some chicken and made the rice and potatos. we had quite a good meal for the day after veterans day. my brother and aunt and uncle came over and they sat around watching argon while i was upstairs trying not to let the freeze get to the bone.
it is coooooold lately. even though it's annoying, i'm so looking forward to soup and oven cooked meals, biscuits and corncakes.
Bring it on!!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

October was interesting

but oddly enough, i can't remember how it started. the middle was an emotional roller coaster, though.
after giving me about a weeks notice, my son's father came home on leave from iraq. the same week that he was here, i got a job- i had been feeling way motivated the week before, and not too soon before he left, i was rejected by it. (the job).
because i did not have an inch and a half worth of hair, i could not drug test, and so, no job.
it is absolutely ironic that the thing that kept me from getting a job that time was a frickin drug test! because 1. nisha doesn't do drugs, and 2. NISHA DOESN'T DO DRUGS!
but, after that, i was kinda wishing i hadda. years of going down the straight and narrow, only to be turned down by a retail job. g.r.e.a.t - great.
there was a swap going on in CFL that i had signed up for, but with all that going on; running around thinkign i was gettign a job, while trying to get things taken care of with the ex, working on my swap got put on the back burner. thankfully, the get it in the mail time was pushed back by a couple of days, so i had time to finish it and get it out by the dead line.
i already had in mind what i wanted to make, which was a shawl, and i had the yarn that was just right for it.
the theme of the swap was 'fall', so i used a couple of skeins of red heart's fall. clever, i know.
i didn't get a picture of it, because my camera was just not having it, but, i did get a new camera yesterday! w0ot!
here is a link to my partner's blog with a photo of the shawl.
i love what i got in exchange, which was this:
A jar of pumpkin candy topped with a scarecrow. my favorite part of him is the collar, a pumpkin card holder, a travel sewing kit, winnie the pooh notepad, a hotpad? and a shower thingie, which is my favorite! i've been wanting to use it, but i don't want to mess it up cause it's so cute!

thanks Sandy, i love my fall exchange package!