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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I've been kinda productive =-)

My few days of productiveness continued last night with finishing a couple of pixie hats that I had stashed, and assembling 2 pairs of hair clips. One of which is pink and brown, the other pink and blue- both with white center buttons.

Months ago, I was chatting on Etsy and looking for ideas on new color combination to come up with for little girls' hair clips and those were a couple, along with greens, more neutral colors, and a few others. I've since lost the list, but with spring here, and my discovery of those that i had in the works, I may be able to remember what they were, or just be humble enough to ask again.

Along with actually working on products for my studio on Arftire, I've transfered my stock from one bin to another, and in doing so, I found a few little items that were listed on Etsy, but never Made it to Artfire. I actually got a few of them listed the other day...

It feels so good to be productive!
I've got a few ideas for new products swimming around my little brain that I just can't wait to try too!

Spring is so great

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  1. my suggestions for colors would be to have a look in the stores.. like target or fred meyers.. or where ever sells little girl clothes... see what color combos are on the racks right now.. that way moms will see your hair clips and think that it would go great with the outfit grandma bought little susie last week. :)


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