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Sunday, December 24, 2006

i wish i were a robot.

i wish i were a robot.
i haven't been feeling like being 'out there' too much. so much so that i've deleted my myspace profile and kind of went into hiding. recent events in my life are making me wish i were a robot with out feelings or opinions. i wish to skip christmas and new years and go back in time. if that were possible, life would be great.
i'm seriously thinking about putting my shop on etsy to sleep. not killing it totally dead, but dimming it out. with all the emotional lows i've been having lately, not selling anything on etsy is one that i just don't need right now.
i was crying yesterday and dominic saw. he said, 'awww, momma's crying, she's sad.' and then he told me to give him a hug and patted my back while saying, 'it will be alright, momma.'
that's so not what his role is supposed to be. i tried to hide it from him but he just knew. he cheered me up just then by doing a little bit more stuff- just being himself. i laughed for a minute and then asked him if he's like to take a bath. he loves baths, so of course he said yes. while i was cleaning out the tub, my aunt gave him a piece of bubble gum. he came around smacking and i was like, what are you eating? he said bubble gum! of course i paid no attention and kept on cleaning. after a couple of minutes, dominic comes back into the bathroom saying, momma, my brain! you can see my brain! in my hair, my brain! i was like, no you can't, your brain is under your hair. then i turned around to see a huge wad of fresh bubble gum in his hair. dominic loves throwing things up in the air and most of the time they land right back on his head. i'm guessing that this is what happened. so, after our aunt got the gum out of his hair, he took a bath for about an hour. the kid doesn't eat much. after me asking him over and over if he wanted some of what i was going to have to eat he said no! i'm going to sleep!. and he actually did. he's been going to sleep as early as 8pm and waking up before the sun. i'm sure it'll be the same tonight as i layed down to take a nap and am just now waking up, he layed down right beside me and is still sleepin. i'm supposed to be making cookies to bake later but the butter is rock hard. what to do!