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Friday, March 13, 2009

Aww, baby!

'Awww, you're becoming a big boy!, you're not my little baby anymore =-('

Yes he is, he says, always ♥
a couple of weeks ago, i noticed that one of dominic's bottom teeth were wiggly. about a week later, i saw the 2 permanent ones trying to grow in.
wtf! i thought.

i think more than wondering why his teeth were growing while they were trying to fall out, i was kind of disappointed that they appear to be growing in crooked and just way too far back.

I hope he doesn't start talkin funny =-\

But more than my disappointment at their appearance, i'm kind of wading in the fact that my baby is losing teeth already.
it may just feel way early because he's not in school yet (he's 5)- i dunno.

i asked him if i could pull the really wiggly one out (no doubt that it would be gone if it didn't have the other one growing behind it for support) but he said
'NO! it will bleeve!'
and so they remain.

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  1. Enjoy every step along the way as they grow-up very fast! Mine is
    16 and driving! - CT


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