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Saturday, November 25, 2006

i got angels!

feelin kinda Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting :excited!

so, i signed up for an angel exchange months ago - or at least it feels that way. we were to have our angels delivered to our partners by thanks giving. i was a bit worred about getting mine out on time so i got started early. i've been wanting to share what i was sending but i didn't want my partner to see. (just in case she ever comes this way) so, here they are. that's a lot of thread for a yarnie! i was fretting over the bows for a while. i finally decided, after a trip to walmart which was fruitless, to use what i had. i like the way they turned out. my partner said she liked them and her grand-daughter liked them so, yay for spoon angels!

here's what i got:
this picture isn't really doin justice but i got some really nice angels. i'm happy! can't wait to bust out the christmas stuff and blend these in with them. my favorite it is the clothespin angel. i came across the pattern on the web and passed it up- i'm glad my partner decided to use it, it's my favorite one of the bunch.

In other news:
i finished the manly hat finally. i should have guessed when i was about half way done with it that it would be too small for my friend. it's tight on my own head, which is about 21'' around. i used the largest hook called for on the patter and still came out tight. perhaps i take out my tensions on my crochetings or something because i'm finding that my gauge is not the same as it used to be. i'm looking for a solid L and M hook. i have an N and a P but those are way too large. i found a hook that was a bit larger than a US K on ebay but it came in a set and had to come from where ever pounds are used as currency. so, shipping equaled the cost. i didn't get them. i might have to break down ad go for the ole crystallites or treat myself to a wooden one. i was wanting a metal one because i like the weight on them. it seems that it gives me leverage when getting a groove going on when crocheting. (you know the groove i'm talkin about- on a roll and going quick).
so, maybe some slippers or other warmer type things.
oh snap, matlock's on, gotta go!

man, have i got some blogging to do.

i'm feeling Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting :alright

earlier in the week, i wasn't feeling too well. i think it has something to do with cleaning. as i went to get to work on my room, my chest started hurting too much for me to stand or even move. so, i layed down for a bit which turned into a nap. i wasn't productive at all that day. i wanted to figure out some Christmas dishtowels but i haven't yet.
i've been to work on getting my etsy shop more views and hopefully A sale. i'm starting to take etsy in a different light. i'm now more laid back about it. i used to try to telepathically send my motivation into it but now i'm like, eh, what will be, will be. part of my trying to get more views on it and what not is trying to list things more often. i think i listed a record breaking 3 things this week.
so, what i've been working on as far as that goes: i made one for my son, or for some one my son's size but haven't yet listed it.
i think he liked his because it has buttons on it. i made him a wrist warmer but i haven't taken a picture of it yet. he wore it for about 2 days straight.

purses and pouches!
i picked up some of this yarn that i had no idea what to do with at the end of the summer season this year. it only recently dawned on me that it's pursable material. i hadn't seen the yarn all summer then all of a sudden it's on sale. i'm not complaining- well, yeah i am, i should have gotten more. i'll get enough of self- control one day.
the yarn that they're made of is a blend of acrylic, nylon, and rayon. i'm not used to working with blends but i like it! i know what i'm getting myself for christmas this year, for sure.

and ah, the evita! i like this yarn as well but again, i wasn't sure what to do with it. i have to admit that it's got more of a fall or late summer feeling for me but i had to put it up anyway. i have a bit more of this yarn and hopefully i can track down even more. a scarf would be nice.
i'd like to figure out how to adjust the pattern to make it so that the point isn't so low on it. perhaps smaller rectangles or fewer rows.

hmm, so i guess it was a bit more than 3! way to go me for being a bit motivated.
last, but not least!.. i whipped this bad boy up last night while watching the latest harry potter movie on in demand. it's about time, i say. i wasn't really looking forward to it but when i saw that it was there, i couldn't help myself. i was a bit disappointed on the way it ended. like what the...?
oh wait, i watched harry potter before i started this one. i worked this one up while trying not to watch cassanova. that movie stunk. i was looking forward to seeing heath ledger or who ever was in it act but i had seen a better version on PBS. the version i saw last night didn't compare. anyway, i picked this yarn up when i got the one i used to make the purses above. i was a bit intimidated by it at first because of the texture, but i like the way it came out. texture gives texture of course and as long as it's intended, it's good! ( i've given texture to a few things on accident- not fun.)
i must admit, i'm kinda proud of myself here, folks.

Monday, November 13, 2006

i'm up

i feel: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Restless
so this morning i woke up as a result of fatigue. i didn't make my goal of having my swap sent out by last week. i didn't realize that mail didn't run on saturday. i thought it wasn't going to run on friday because school was out and it said 'observed' on the calender. i could have sworn that the news person said stuff would be closed on friday. i rarely catch the news because i tend to listen to it half assed and get all the info messed up.
i must have slept the whole weekend because getting the package mailed was on my mind major this morning. i can't find my tape or the extras i got to send along with it. i was planning on printing a label and dropping it by the mailbox for the guy to pick it up. i don't feel as bad as i would have because i got an email from my partner letting me know when she might mail mine. i'm still not liking not having mailed it out but, what can i do? (be a bit more organized, maybe?)
gosh, i think my body is in shock from being up so early. it's nearly 10am here but i tend to sleep days during the winter so this is pretty early. i can't wait for thanks giving to come and go. when is it anyway? i'm not a holiday type of person. i'm looking forward to thanksgiving passing because i know that after that, there will only be so many days until the dreaded christmas is over with. NEXT WEEK! i just checked the calender and it's next week!
my brother will be moving out this week. i'd like to see how that goes. we're huge procrastinators so i'm sure it will be last minute. his truck was wrecked last week so he's out of a vehicle. which sucks. i'm still angry at the cosmos for all they've been pooping on my brother. there doesn't seem to be a cause. perhaps they're getting ready to rain money on him or something. this is the second vehicle of his that's been hit while parked by people who didn't seem to care enough to take others into consideration.
i got to talk to james this weekend but it didn't go as i had expected or liked. i'm reaching for topics of conversation with him as his deployment nears. he says we'll be able to see him before he leaves but i'm still hoping hoping that we do. i have lots of pictures to take of him and dominic. i've gotten used to not having memories or pictures of my 'father'. i don't want dominic to be the same way.
the stomach is confused because i would usually be sleeping so i'm going to go get it something to rumble around until i feel like cooking.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gosh, it's been a while, hasn't it?

i've been crocheting a lot lately but coming up with nothing. i wanted to make some hats for a few guys i know but i've not been able to come up with a pattern that would look right. i'm not too good at making hats -i think-. i can't get past the 6th round with out thinking that they look funny or that they'll be too big. they always look jagged at that point so i wind up frogging them. i've only made a couple of hats that looked rounded when laid flat and i think that may have been because of the yarn. i know it has something to do with how many stitches i start out with or the hook i'm using. i found a pattern online today that i was going to use for inspiration. it was a regular ole DC hat pattern. i guess i didn't need it because i know how to increase in rounds but i liked the security of knowing that i was following a pattern. well, it didn't work out too well. it still looked square to me so i frogged that too.
i've got my angels nearly done for the swap. all i need to do is jazz up their necks. i was looking for some pre-tied satin bows but got lost in teh world of michael's. and wally world doesn't cary them. and can you belive that they only carry paper roses? i guess that would do. i'll have to see about it when i'm there next. not much variety, i tell ya that. but, hey, what do i expect, it's walmart. so, i'm hoping to have the package sent off by the end of this week, which is coming faster than i thought it would. if not by saturday, definitely by monday.
i've been trying to put more things in my etsy shop, trying not to give up on it. i guess i haven't been networking like i should so i'm going to try to do that more. i suck at making small things to list. i thought i'd do that just to save spaces for when i complete something big. i'm having the hardest time with that. i'm too picky for my own good. i made a bracelet that i was going to put on there but i didn't. instead, dominic ran around with it on for most of the night. i don't want to do the regular fingerlesss gloves because well, every one has them. i guess i will have to think of something.
my brother will be moving out soon and i'd like to make him a house warming gift. i know it will be a bit after he's all settled in because i don't want it to be just a set of coasters or something like that. perhaps i can make him something in his favorite color to remind him of home. he's such a work-o-holic that i doubt that he'll be spending much time there anyway.
i'm just determined to make a little something for joe. he sent me a b-day card around my birthday and that made me feel kinda special. like wow, some one's thinking of me! it's far after his b-day now so i'm hoping that i'll be able to drop a little something in the mail for him sometime soon. men are the hardest to crochet for, i tell ya! i figured that i'd make him something to sit on his dresser or in his closet. i may wind up making something bigger than the chi- little dog that i had planned. i suck at making animals or stuffed things. i'm alright with working in tight rounds - it's the assembly that gets me. the limbs never look right to me. i might be using the wrong kind of needle or something. (of course it's not just me).
i finally made my mom a carry all bag and she's carrying all in it. i wanted it to be strong enough to carry her big what i call doggie bottle of water in without it stretching out of shape. i put bands of single crochets between the mesh to prevent it from over stretching. i don't know why they're rippled, perhaps i increased some where along the way. i'm trying to think of a way to fix this problem, i'll let ya know! here it is with out the straps.

i was going to get a whole mess of white cotton and just dye it to her favorite color, which is pink but a really generous friend picked some up for me while she was out. (THANKS!!) i still have a ball left over. my mom has asked me for a cup cozy so maybe i'll use some of that to accommodate her request =-)
man, it's fricken breezy out. earlier, it was hotter than the middle of july in here, or so it seemed. we had windows open and fans blowing but that didn't help. now it's freeeeezing! the wind blew my window stuck and now i can't close it. i need to clean that track out.