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Saturday, August 30, 2008

p is for pat on the back!

because i've been so productive!

i think it has something to do with my new sleep schedule. i've been going to bed around 8 pm and waking up in the wee hours.

i get up, chat a little, crochet a little while watching the hallmark channel or gunsmoke, then i do it again at the end of the day, some times in between.
all this productivity is good, but i haven't been able to take nice enough pictures of stuff to get it listed. i think my camera is about to break. there's something wrong with the focus. it takes alright pics of stuff far away and with flash, but when i go to focus on things by themselves, even in macro mode, the screen jiggles up and down and the picture comes out fuzzy. very frustrating!
hit and miss with photos is lame.

so, i've finished up 4 projects, i don't think i'll be listing the shrug, i made it for myself originally, but i don't care for it too much. it's bolder than what i usually wear, which i knew when i started it. i thought i'd try something new-perhaps it'll grow on me.

PhotobucketThis lil one got me started, a beige with gold pin with a cream colored button.

Photobucket i put the snap inside this one last night, so it's all done

PhotobucketPhotobucket the shrug.

Photobucket made these last night, they're all done too!

Photobucketi'm going to be listing this one next. i like it because it's big enough to hold stuff! lol

Photobucketthe wool scarf. i actually like how it came out. i still have yarn from the skein left, so i may make a coin purse or something.

hey, that's like 6 things! SOMEONE GIVE ME A COOKIE!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One A Day

I've been the opposite of motivated lately.
So, in an effort to pick things up a bit, i've decided to require that i work on, or make at least one something crocheted and list at least 1 new thing a day.
I started on this scarf yesterday:

It's made of wool!
which i think i'm either sensitive or allergic to, but it's all good, hopefully if i don't let it touch anything but my hands, i'll be alright.
hmm...that makes me wonder ifi ever had anything of my own made of wool before
i'm hoping to have this thing done by tomorrow at the latest. it's going to a long skinny scarf. it's not that thick, maybe light sweater thick and only about 3 inches wide.

I'm using sock yarn because it's light and would be perfect for when it's just starting to get nippy-you could just wrap it once or, for when it's actually cold, just wrap it more and be warmer!, and the colors are bright.

Monday, August 18, 2008

la la la Q hook, lala.

this past weekend, i managed to get out to michaels, i was so excited, i was going to get an afghan hook that was larger than the size I i was trying to use before. it's always very frustrating with the I hook because i crochet tightly, and getting the stitches off the hook would make me break out into a furious sweat.
so, of course the solution to this was to get a bigger hook.
so i thought.
michaels doesn't carry them in the store that i went to, and that's my only local option right now, so it looks like i'll have to order a larger size.
shipping sucks. so that won't be happening any time soon.

i've already cranked out a scarf made with some yarn that a friend gave me. it's the second christmasy thing i've made this year. and for the legnth, it didn't take long at all. so i'm trying to get motivated to use it again today.
hopefully i can mass produce (for me, this means make more than 1) some scarves so the people i know can rock them when the season comes.
i've not been motivated at all to produce for or promote or network or even look at my etsy shop. i wonder if not having it for so long could be the cause for this. i'm pretty much going through my stuff to see which stock is still in good condition and bringing those out of inactive slowly.

i don't know why, but lately, i've been curling up on the couch with my ball of yarn and just watching tv with out doing much crocheting.
yarn is a habit!

i've got to get out to the library today. i've been wanting to stroll to take my books back for a little whilenow, but it's always either too hot or too dark when i think of it. hopefully i'll get that done today, although, i'm almost certain that i won't be strolling.
and that's just too bad because i got on the scale the other day and i've lost about 5 lbs. -with out trying-
so, if i could just get the motivation and some tae bo tapes, i'm sure i could be back to fine in no time at all.
isn't it odd that i'm completely unmotivated and not caring for shit about my weight for the summer, but when the colder seasons come around, i want to be super sexay! ?
perhaps i saw it on a postcard or in a book...
skinny people sitting around in beanies with hot chocolate and rosy cheeks.

i'm kind of missing the little hair that i did manage to grow recently. i shaved it again on saturday. i liked it at first, but now i'm rubbing my head with fond memories of my hawk. and shivering because my head is cold at night. there is something empowering about a hawk...
if only it made me crochet as hard as it made me walk.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

im only on round 35! aaaah!
and it seemed like i was making real progress =-(

Sunday, August 03, 2008

people keep popping out of the woodwork asking me, 'hey, where's my hat?'.
i'm like, dude, lol, what are you talkin about!
so, i'm working on a hat for one of them. it'll be solid chocolate brown with some kind of patch that i haven't been able to find yet. i started on one for him a couple of weeks ago and it was turning out to be way too small so i started over a couple of nights ago and i think i've got it right. in order to get the gauge right, i had to use hdc's instead of sc's and go up one hook size. i love the way the smaller stitches look but it's very tedious to use sc's for a large-extra large hat.
i've been on the look out for a dark colored round elastic to use in the hats, but have been unable to find any. i did find a some 1/4'' i forget what its kind is elastic that's black, so i'm going to try that and hope that it does the trick. i could have this bad boy done tonight, but not having the patch is giving me an excuse to set it aside for now.

i've picked up some 7 inch granny squares that i have the intention of making into a blanket. there are 8 of them in all. i want to do something where they are arranged in a border around a middle that is done in rows, but i've fallen short on coordinating yarn. i thought i had a whole skein of the blue yarn, but when i went digging, all i came up with was another WIP, which is the round ripple that i totally forgot about. i've got a lot of purple and the multi- pink, white and purple, but i don't think it'll go with what i'm doing with the squares so far.
i'm starting to realize that the massive amount of unfinished projects that i have laying around is due to the fact that i don't really plan a project. i just pick up what yarn i have and get going on it, while i hope that it works out in the end.
i really should stop doing that.
i don't want to have to do another granny square anytime soon and i don't want to buy anymore yarn right now, but i have enough blue to get away with it (the granny) for this one.
perhaps i'll just pull out the round ripple and finally finish it.