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Monday, August 07, 2006

Week of Aug. 6, 2006
- I'm on a roll with these sachets. i've been looking for a heart shaped one with a more open mesh. i found this pattern with heart sachet in the description. it wasn't quite what i was looking for as it is obviously a pineapple but, beggers can't be choosers so i tried it anyway. the pattern calls for a size 7 steel hook but i used a 2. for a reason that i haven't yet figured out, i wind up grabbing for YO's more than i like. using the bigger hook, it worked up faster, but of course it's larger thann intended, too. i was going to use an organza type cloth with the filling but lost interest in doing that after a while. i just stuffed it with some potpourri i had laying around and gave it to my mom.

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