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Monday, August 28, 2006

aimless crochet doesn't please me anymore. i need a cause.

one of my groups is encouraging charity crochet. they're doing a 25 things for charity. i was thinking about it and tat would be nice. i have a bit of yarn that would be suitable for babies and others who are in need. last night i found a really cute and easier than i expected pattern for a premie burial gown. so i decided to work one up. i knew it wouldn't take long so i didn't even bother to print out the pattern. i just read it right off of the computer while i listened to my music. another one of my late night crochet projects. i haven't gotten it as long as i would like it to be yet. and honestly, i'm not sure how long it make it. the pattern says 12''-15'' or something like that. i told a person that i talk to online that i was crocheting this item and his reaction was outragous. something like, "why the hell would you do that?" after seeing his reaction, i decided not to tell my mohter what i was making, but i was so proud of what i was doing (it is so cute and i know some one will like it) that i just had to show her. she was like, it's a bit small. i just told her it was for a premie. earlier today i told her what it was really for and her reaction was about the same. "why would i want to make something like that?". i don't find anything wrong with it, but imust admit that the reactions that i've gotten aren't too encouraging. i've already made a pair of booties. those worked up in about 10 minutes. i like the way they came out so i will be making more. i used regualr ole worsted weight yarn on this pair- i'll dig in my stash for somethign a bit softer, for sure. i'm determined to ignore other's reactions and do what i feel is right for me right now. meaning that i will be finishing that gown and making burial wraps and hats, blankets and booties- what ever else i think i can.
aimless crochet doesn't please me anymore. i need a cause.
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Loving Hugs Preemie Booties

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