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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i couldn't go to sleep so i crocheted

i couldn't go to sleep so i crocheted. i've been working on scrunchies lately. i'm enjoying it because i don't need a pattern to make them. i'm tired of reading patterns for right now.
they work up fast- it takes about 10 minutes from start to finish to do one. that's a major plus.
i made a camo one for myself out of the left overs from the hat i made a while ago. while i was making it, i couldn't help think of my significan other. he's away in training for the marines. the last time i saw him, he was so enthuzed about showing me his gear. i wasn't open to seeing it on him. that would just put a seal on the thoughts that i have of him never coming back. tonight while i was making a scrunchie i thought of him and i wished i had let him show them off. i will next time i see him for sure, i'm curious now. perhaps i'm just missing him.
if there is one thing that peeves me, it's coming across knots in a skien of yarn.i hate finding loosely tied ones worse. there were a few in my ball of camo yarn tonight. i hope there aren't any more. i want to make many more scrunchies with it and i still have to make a hat for dominic. i don't think i'll be able to squeeze all of that out of the amount i have. just another reason to go on an adventure to wal mart!

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