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Monday, August 14, 2006

i have been in such a crocheting mood lately

i have been in such a crocheting mood lately. i got a few smaller projects finished today. i've been looking for a licky penny holder and although i haven't tried all the patterns that i've found, i believe i've found the right one for me already. i'm thinking about making these as favors to give away at a party. the one below took all of 10 minutes to complete. the pattern can be found here: Lucky Penny For the Bride

and this is my finished mystery crochet along from Crochet for Life! i usually stroll up to the library during the fall and winter. this will be a nice bag to take for books. it's not too big so i'll be limited on what i can check out. i'm always a bit ambitious when it comes to my reading goals.
i used Peaches N Creme's potpourri and ecru. the pattern for this bag can be found here:String Bag. you'll have to get a membership to get the free pattern. i think it's worth it-there's sure to be more good stuff there.


i've got a whole mess of ping pong yarn left from when i started on my scarves and hats. i've been making them into scrunchies. the pictures i took of them aren't too flattering so i'll wait until i have a variety of colors to post them.
i'm wanting to make more sachets but i haven't found a pattern that would be ok to make more than one a day. (ok meaning that it won't tear my hands up while i'm making them). i have g ot to find a glove or something to protect my left hand from the yarn.
i haven't been able to find any hook cushions so i've just been doing this. you're probably thinking something like 'ewww' or 'oh hell no', but it works for me.

these are the sachets that i did for the swap in Crochet for Life! the nice picture as taken by my partner after she received it.
the pattern can be found here:Robbie's Angel.
i made 7 squares in all, used 2 for the body, one for the wings and 2 each for each of the pillows. this was my first time making squares in the round like this so it was something new for me. i worked on a square blanket when i was taught to crochet but it had already been started. i had no idea it was so simple. i do love to complicate things, i guess.

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