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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some Older Things I've Done

I want to share some of the older stuff i've done. i like to keep it simple and work on projects that can be completed quickly. i don't remember the dates for all of these, but i'm sure they were taken some time this year.
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These are pictures of blankets that i did years ago. i had a lot of free time while i was pregnant with my son who is now alsmot 3. he liked the one on the left the best when he was little. as you can see, they're still useful today, gotta love crochet!
This is a blanket that i made for a friend of mine who was expecting a baby boy. i used the sweet pea stitch all the way through it making sure that it was just the right size to fit a crib. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These are my first attempt at a hat and a purse. the hat is from a pattern that i found online. the pattern didn't come with a template for the brim- that made it tricky. i made the purse by working in the rounds after making a stitch that i thought would make a wide enough purse. i knotted the strap because it was too stretchy. i would change the way i finished the strap by going around it with a row of sc. perhaps that would make it a bit more secure in shape.


This is a newsboy cap that i did in redheart's camo. it's my way of showing my support for my soon to be hubby and his brother who are both in the military. i originally made this one for my son, but he doesn't care for the feel of it and it fits me just fine. i'm going to make him one for the winter with a matching scarf. hopefully he'll wear it. here is a link to the pattern: Newsboy Cap.


This is the first crochet hook case i made. it took longer than i like to spend on a project. i have different places in the house where i like to crochet and having to carry this bible sized case around wasn't as convenient as i thought it would be. it's still a nice case, though. i found the pattern for it here: Aluminum Crochet Hook Case.


A simple V-stitch poncho that i made for a friend's daughter. i used Redheart's Monet. The pattern can be found here:
Child's V-st Poncho . i modified it to fit a 3-4 yr old.

I had our frequent trips to the park in mind when i made this sling bag. i used WW cotton- the dishcloth kind. it doesn't stretch too much and is very easy to make. this day, we packed snacks for a trip to the park to watch my little brother's foot ball game.

I made this purse for my mom using the same pattern. i used crochet cotton size 3 and shortened the handle a bit. During my first attempt at lining it i tried for machine sewing and a zipper, but that wasn't working out too well. So i used a velcro snap instead this time sewing everything by hand.
i think it came out nicely. my mom doesn't have to worry about tearing the purse up with her keys or anything falling out of the bottom after many uses. i'm sure it'll be one of her favorites.
i found the pattern for the flower here: Cute 'n Simple Flower.
I didn't like the big hole in the middle of the flower so i used this opportunity to use one of my many buttons.

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  1. What a handsome fella you have there Nisha!

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