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Monday, May 04, 2009

Those were some passionate looking clouds!

It seems that there's a party going on over here every weekend.. And with the nice weather -the wind, we've been firing up the BBQ grill and throwing what ever's in the freezer on that bad boy.

I couldn't help but notice the beautiful cloudscape in the back ground. ( I couldn't help it because my mom called me outside to see it.)

One day recently, while driving along, i stated to her that i love looking at clouds because they're made of the same stuff generations before us- our ancestors perhaps gazed in amazement at, the same way i do. Having grown up in Louisiana, where i hear it pours rather than rains, my mother wasn't as mystified as i was, but i think she got my appreciation for cloud's beauty.

They look like dreams to me.
I could see myself marching for a cause with the clouds behind me, swinging at the park while children play around me, sitting out in the middle of the yard provided the fire ants were gone and reading a good book, or laying out with my son, laughing and making silly jokes about what the clouds are and why they crossed the road.

But lastly, I could see myself wandering around my neighborhood, in playful banter with some one i care about. Those are days i have yet to see, but i'm really looking forward to them. i suppose.Along with all my romantic imaginings, it seems the wind and clouds blew in a new breath of motivation for me.

I really want to take a trip to California, for pleasure, rather than for keeping up appearances, and i want to fund it totally on my profits from selling on Artfire and Etsy.
I know i can do it, but I also know that there are things i need to change about the way i do things when it comes to my shop and studio.

To start off, i'm going to be lessening the variety of items that i offer. dedicating my Etsy shop to a few categories, and my Artfire studio to a few different ones.

I Have yet to sell one of these hair clips:
Renewed Today

But i very much so enjoy making them. They are going to be one of my focuses in my Artfire
I'm hoping that by showinf them some love and with some effort, others will notice them and love them as much as I do.


  1. Lovely entry! I enjoy gazing at clouds, too - especially when on an airplane. It looks like a Care Bear wonderland up there. ;D

  2. Love that hair clip. You do excellent work. Thanks for advertising on my blog.

  3. Thanks =-)

    you know, aquariann, i never thought of it like that- I've only flown during the day one time and even then i insisted on having the window things closed because i'm chicken poop. lol
    but carebears live up there, so it must be alright, right?


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