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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Don't dig that!

Very late last night, i decided that i wanted a fresher look to my blog. In my opinion, there was just too much stuff on it. Books, Facebook badge, links and more links, my etsy mini, and artfire window...

I'm looking for a simpler look that will tie into my eventual brand. I'm pretty set on this new template because it's got lots of room (for PW ads, my promotions and what ever else) as well as a navigation thing at the top- so i can have the direct links to my etsy feedback, face book fan page, and profile right at the top, freeing up space for yadda yadda.

What do you think?

Another thing i Don't dig is Mountain Dairy yogurt!

Now, i know that little barfing guy might be a bit much, but... you know, it fits LOL
(but seriously, looking at it kinda makes me want to dry heave- it's still awesome though, lol)

Anyway, with certain foods, i think i've gotten to the point of being like, 'oh, bread is bread' or 'milk is milk' - it usually all tastes the same to me, and if it doesn't, i'm probably too hungry to care.

yogurt is not yogurt!!
After asking some one to pick me up some and agreeing that 'Mountain dairy was ok- just be sure to get vanilla and strawberry', I now have 2 tubs of this nasty crap in my fridge and not even mixing it with fresh fruit for smoothies can take that yuck away. It's way tart, doesn't have any fruit in it and the strawberry pretty much tastes like plain with sweet barf in it. The packages says something about their products being made with hormone enhanced free dairy, but seriously, i'm hoping that that's not the issue rather than the perk.

Have you ever had higher expectations of a product that in deserved?
Please help prevent the barfage =-)


  1. I have never herd of Mountain Dairy yogurt At first glance I thought it said Mountain Dew yogurt and that made my stomach turn. I love yogurt so I will stay away from that brand. :) I like the new look.

  2. hmm, that makes me wonder if it's a local brand then.
    thanks!, i'm still working on getting it custom to me, and still have to add the page elements back,but i like the fresh look too. =-)

  3. I like this layout... I also love the links at the top of the page.. that works great.. and having a link direct to your feedback.. that is cool, have not seen it often and love the idea.


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