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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

He makes me want to squeeze his guts out!

After watching Sid the Science Kid, my son says to me, ''exercise increases your heart rate!'' he then goes to the middle of the room and claps his hands over his head while jumping up and down.
gasping for air he said candidly, ''Applejacks... makes my heart beat faster.''

after saying AWWWWW, i grabbed him and hugged him up asking if he was sure that applejacks is what did it. while looking at me with huge eyes like, 'yeah- they REALLY do', i just had to hug him some more.

I often find myself having to take a deep breath at some of the stuff he does, these little moments remind me why i call him my little piece of heaven.

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  1. so sweet... treasure every moment.. they grow up so fast.. and even though I get some with my kids still.. they are different. Give him a big squeeze for me :)


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