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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's All Good! - NOT

recently, i purchased some of this stuff called Eco Glue. I was pretty excited about it because it looks like the traditional white glues, but has no smell while still claiming to be as strong as those smellier, pop your brain cells glues that a lot of we crafters use.

Eco Glue has a nice little list of benefits, which are...
• Less than 1% VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
• Virtually no hazardous air pollutants (less than 0.165 by weight)
• No animal derivatives
• Excellent water resistance
• 100% recyclable packaging!

with all these great things about it, it can still bond wood, stone, metal, glass, and tile.

My intention was to use this glue to help me put together my hair bows,
and i was happy with its strength, bonding capabilities, and all the rest up until last night.

While things are still stuck together, some of the pieces look like they've grown boogers =-(

This would be ok if i were making monsters or something, but, well... i'm not.

I know it's a bit late for doing research, but when i went onto the EcoGlue website and found the "uses" page with a couple 'technical data sheets' links on there, i noticed that one said craft.

! i thought- my issue is that i have the wrong glue! The CRAFT version of this glue MUST be the one that doesn't yellow!

EEEENT- Wrong!

The sheets were both the same (i'm guessing that the only reason there are 2 of them is because they have two different names).

Neither say anything about drying clear. that sucks. both of them state that there is no UV protection and that surfaces should be painted over for more protection. sucky.

I really thought i had found something cool, but it doesn't seem so. I think this will be my last resort glue, or something that i keep in the ole craft box just to say that i have some Eco! Glue.

1 point loss for impulse buying.


  1. you should get extra points for learning to research things a bit more.. and hey.. I have many bottles and tubes of things like that.. thought it sounded great then didnt work so wonderful... a lot of times it comes in handy for something else though :)


  2. Live and learn. Another opportunity to find the right glue for your projects or start designing monsters with those boogers! Who knows could be the new "Big Idea! - CT

  3. Hi Lanee,

    I'm so sorry to hear EcoGlue didn't work for your project. The glue usually dries cloudy-clear. Unfortunately, it's not the best choice for fabric (like ribbon) and that might be the reason you had a problem with the results.

    The best glue for your project is probably E6000. It's a solvent-based glue, but a great choice for fabric projects like your hair bows. I would be happy to send you a tube. Just let me know.


    Eclectic Products, Inc.
    Makers of EcoGlue (and E6000)


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