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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It's kind of inspiring...

A while ago, I blogged about some photography on etsy that i found myself relating to.
This is that post, only instead of being about Emerald Blue Studio, it's about BonnieBoden's Etsy Shop.
Bonnie is in the process of transitioning from one shop to another- while she's still offering the lovely photos I've featured here and more, I just thought it would be nice to give an update to let you all know that's she's still around- (in case you went clicking the old post)

In a huge cyberspace, i've been feeling a lot like the little, not yet blossomed mums. This picture kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland- when she was going through the garden and all that

These photos, which i found in BonieBoden's Etsy shop made me feel like they knew what i was going through.

Some times, new freind ships are so hard to forge for some one like me.
(that is a - give me my yarn and cup of tea, perhaps some good music or maybe an old show and i'm GOOD!- type of girl)

Perhaps with a bit of effort and an extended hand, I'll be on my way to being a big beautiful Mum.
Until then, I'll be blogging and bookmarking, chattin and tweeting and trying to produce the best that i can.


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. It's only recently that I've formed some wonderful online friendships with fellow Etsians. But there is always room for more!

    I'm like you...only with my beads and Jimmy Buffett on the stereo!

  2. Glass Identities told me you were having a problem commenting on my blog. I'm not sure what the problem could be since I have it open to all comments. If you try again and have problems let me know. I DO Twitter, but I'm just there for short stretches during the day. OR you can convo me through one of my Etsy shops any time!


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