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Saturday, May 02, 2009

I'm Slippin Again

It recently occured to me that although i had sold a couple pairs of slippers before and wear my own pair often, i had not made and listed any in a LOOONG time.

With spring here, the appeal of brightly colored yarns is greater to me than ever.  I love this blue, called Turqoi.  I guess it's called that because it's almost turqoise, but not quite.

Paired with the bright pink hearts, I think these slippers are a winning pair.


No matter the season, these slippers are just right for keeping your feet from being cold-

Allow these slippers to brighten those ever so drafty fall and winter days, or wear during spring and summer like I have. (See my inspiration)

Wear with socks for even more coziness.

They’re durable and easy to wash because they’re made of 100% acrylic!

Want them larger or smaller? Message me!

Blue slippers

The blue is more brilliant than I could capture- don't you just hate having to mess with white balances and such?


Anyway, another note on these slippers before i go-

I know some of us are like, ewww feet! so i hand washed and machine dryed these babies after i took the photos ☺

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