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Friday, February 20, 2009

What is all this frustration?

beware, this is a rant!:

last night, i decided to go to timothy adam's blog to learn to social bookmark. i signed up for a lot of bookmarking websites and then went through the tutorial.
went ot go do it all for myself and i have to keep signing in - a lot of my passwords were coming up as not valid even though i had just created and validated them.

after a couple of hours and some rum, i decided- screw it!
but i'm not that great at giving up stuff that's already beaten my ass so i decided to try again today.
same thing.

ate some tacos, forgot about it all, la la la, stuff is great.

came back, decided to submit my shop on timothy's blog here
what is with this whole choosing who you want to comment as stuff. really, i mean come on!
choosing who i am isn't working for me either- the 4 comments i thought i was leaving didn't go through, so now i probably look like an asshole who hasn't fully read the rules or something.
what is with complicating things- why can't it just be simple!!

it's a blogger blog, i mean, use my effin blogger login what ever thing!


  1. I feel your pain. Nothing is ever simple...but I did found out, the hard way, that it takes about 24-72hours for those passwords to become valid and for them to be remembered. You should be okay after that! Oh, and don't forget if you clean your computer cookies'll need to sign in again! Have faith...this too shall pass...or maybe it's time for some more tacos! - CT

  2. another time when patience would come in handy, eh? 8-\


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