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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's not too terrible

It's not too bad, i guess. the little blue violet thing that's there is the second one i tried, and the green is the 3rd. the first is just too terrible.

i didn't find it hard at all working with the silk caps. they seemed pretty easy to get fairly even draftings from, but when it came time to spin, there were a few really thin spots and more than plenty thick ones. but it's all good.
i'm not sure if i'll use the yarn i've made because i'm pretty much used to using acrylic and cotton. silk seems so exotic and with it being only one ply i'm like, umm, i dunno...

i'm already looking forward to being able to make plied yarns (probably because of the whole acrylic/cotton thing) and i have a lot of wool to practice with. Thanks to my buddy Monet of Shady Fibers.

so far, spinning has been wonderful, and i'm so excited to be learning a new craft =-)

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  1. Oh you are wonderful for the comment!! :) Spinning is looking good. :)

    The mitts are all knit lace work. :) I'm actually making a pair for me too. :)

    Can you tell I love doing the smily faces? :)


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