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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

gettin knitty

Michelle aka glassidentities, mentioned that she was going to learn to knit, so i thought i'd jump in too. i had tried to knit before, but got way frustrated with it, and never got down to learning the stitch that makes the cute stuff (you know, the one that looks kinda braided)
the first stitch lesson in the 'i taught myself to knit' book was this one. i think i did ok, there's only one hole on one side and a few of what looks like snags on the other. i used a random ball of yarn that i had laying around, but it wasn't enough to finish a square.

i still have some of that aweful white yarn that i used for the special olympics scarves, so i think i'll practice with that until i get the hang of it.


  1. You GO! :) Looks good in the pics. :)

  2. woooohooooo looks great girl... your sides are much more even than mine... I made the one square and am now working on a scarf and it is going much better... same stitch as that one. I will have to get some photos.

  3. YES! Join the knitting club! Mind teaching me how to crochet? Makes me want to rip all my hair out! lol

  4. thanks for the kind words guys!
    i can't wait until i learn to do that one stitch that is flat and looks kinda braided- not sure what it's called tho.


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