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Sunday, February 08, 2009

The latest- a purple beanie

It's been a while since i listed anything new in my shop. i'm hoping that this one will break my lazy streak. Click the picture to check it out or see my whole shop HERE.

On a side note-
i've added a piece to the left column of this blog that shows what i'm currently reading and what i've read in the past.
i'm finding myself reading a lot and loving it, so please feel free to check out what i'm up to as far as that goes too =-)


  1. You're not just takes time to get over the holiday work rush! Love the color of the new hat! Good luck! - CT

  2. Great hat.. love the color.. I also love how you have added the books your reading.. great idea.

  3. thanks guys!

    i just wish there were more room on this dang blog to fit everything i'd like to talk about(books,life,kinttin- shopping!). i've thought of starting another one, but i have a hard enough time keeping this one in mind lol


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