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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

These are the Breaks!

The other day, i decided that i was going to draft the wool that i received and was excited. i've figured out how thin i have to draft in order to get a worsted weight. but before i did, i was getting way too many breaks in the wool.
very frustrating.

after watching this tutorial once, about a week ago in the wee hours, i figured, hey! i got it!

this video is SO helpful.

but, when you're a bit too cocky about what you're trying to do, stuff tends to umm. get jacked up. So, i was finding myself with lots of broken off pieces that were about 8 inches long.

i'm over it now tho =-)

for some reason, i was expecting to get a really - sort of- ugly yarn out of the roving which kind of looked like a camouflage with white in it. orange, brown, green, black, and white.

This is what i got. - i still have lots left to draft and spin. i got about 30 yards out of this practice round
This is what it looked like while it was wrapped around a chair. of course, it got fuzzier and a little less sheeny when i put it in the hot water, but i'm hoping that the dullness was because of the water.

Here Are a few pics of it dried. i love it!



  1. I seriously know nothing here but I love the way it looks.

  2. Wow the spinning looks good. :) And the roving did turn out kinda camo-y. Keep it up. :)


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