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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it's snowing!!

It's snowing!!
This is the second time it' snowed this week- second snow of the year. it's so cool. after i took this picture, i put my hand on top of my hat and there was snow resting on it, just like in the movies!
last time it snowed, i got dominic to go out in it, but i think he's over it now because i couldn't drag him out of the house to take a picture for anything!
we went ad saw snow for the first time in feb. of this year, but it was all already there. it's exciting to see it drifting down and doing what i call flurrying. i'm so ready to start on my afghan [which i'm supposed to be a good ways into by now].
i may just grab a cup of tea or cocoa and plant myself on my bean bag and get to it.
but i have to make breakfast first =-\
it's 4pm... yes that means breakfast time in my mind lol.
we'll most likely have eggs and sausage with grits and toast. and then do pre cooked what evers that are in the freezer for lunch and dinner.

uggh, i just remembered that i need to put the tree up as well. it won't be heavily decorated because all of our christmas crap is scattered in the garage or in storage. i did find a small shoebox of bulbs, hopefully they aren't broken.

Because the snow makes me feel so cheery, i'm offering free shipping on everything in my artfire studio. my shop can be foung here at . i wasn't going to do free shipping for small items, but with no transaction fees on artfire, i think it's do-able for all items =-)
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  1. Great picture of you!

    The only part of snow I enjoy anymore is watching it fall. With our 'normal' temps it ends up as ice and that is no fun for this country bumpkin. :)


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