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Sunday, December 14, 2008

They're found!

If you look to the left of this post, you'll see 4 bars that say "DONE!" on them under my special olympics scarves section.

for THE longest time, my scarves were missing. i was afraid that i was being punished for my uncharacteristically early start and finish of these scarves. i for sure was going to have to do them over because, as always, the scarves were moved and no one knew to where and they probably wouldn't be found until after the january 15th deadline.

but alas, they've resurfaced and all is well. i'm going to get to work on tucking in the ends this after noon so that i can put them in the top of the closet- or even in their bubble mailer, all packed and ready to go out once i get money for shipping.

they're not super long, but they are warm and meet the specifications of the donation thing, so i'm happy with them. i was able to use my ever so lovely, ever so quick relatively brand new Q hook that i am just in love with.

it used to be that i could not stand plastic hooks, but now, i love them even moreso than i do the aluminum ones. [this is because the 'plastic' hooks i was using before are acrylic and wobbly-not the good stuff]

i loved my Q hook so much that when i got the chance, i went out and got a plastic N, which i am loving as well.

anyway, back to the scarves.
here is a picture of them as they are now.

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