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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Speaking of quality customer service

One of my recent purchases on etsy has been an awesome one.
Shipping was fast, and the product is great!

Stumbling upon JacksblueJane in chat one night, i fell in love with her shop!
it totally helps that she's a nice person, but the colors of silk caps (for spinning and what not) that she offers just sucked me in.

Not even knowing how to spin or what to do with one, i hurried and swooped up this one
and let me tell ya, the colors are just as yummy as seen in the picture.
If i did not know where this silk came from(which i believe is a worm's butt) - packaged similarly to cotton candy, it's a wonder why i haven't! I'd definitely bite it while no one was looking.

my son couldn't resist the urge to pet it so i had to stash it in the top of the closet. but i can still reach it =->

She just so happened to be doing a give away on her blog that night too, so i got an extra one for free!
I'll definitely be going back for more. and Jane, you best look out once i get this spinning thing under my belt!

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